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Iranian Cultural Attaché to Uganda:

The United States and the World Arrogance are the contemporary Yazids

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Uganda, Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla, speaking about the lessons of Ashura at the Islamic Faculty of Al-Mustafa International University in Uganda said today the US government and the world arrogance are the living Yazids.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations (ICRO), Qezelsufla who was giving a lecture about the Ashura Uprising by Imam Hussein (AS) for 60 junior students of Islamic Faculty of Al- Mustafa University, talked about the philosophy of the Ashura and the most tragic event of all times, namely the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein and 72 of his companions said the month of Muharram was set as the first month of the lunar year by suggestion of Imam Ali(AS) who proposed that migration day of the holy Prophet of Islam from Macca to Medina to be the start of the Islamic Calendar.

He said during the course of history always there have been a conflicts between two fronts of Good and Evil , including Adam and Satan, Kabil and Habil , Nimrod an Abraham, Pharaoh and Muses, Abu Sufyan and the Holy Prophet of Islam(SA), Yazid and Imam Hussein (AS) and today world arrogance with the genuine Mohammadan Islam  and its rightful followers and this struggle between Good and Evil will continue till the reappearance of the savior  of the mankind the promised Mahdi( may God hasten his reappearance), when all evils will be annihilated.  

Karbala, the Showroom of Humanity

The Iranian Cultural Attaches then talked about the moral and spiritual characteristics of people in each side of this pole and elaborated on the tragic event of Ashura that took place on the lunar year 61 and said Karbala is a showroom of humanity, bravery, greatness, zealous, mysticism, worship and sacrifice, Justice seeking and all sorts of virtues which were reflected in Imam Hussein and his devoted companions.

On the opposite side the prevailing characteristics were belittlement, corruption, immorality, cruelty, disrespect to sanctities and bloodthirstiness which were evident among the Yazidi forces, said Mr. Qezelsufla.

 He added that Ashura Movement is a paradigm recurring at all places and all times and then talked about the special position of Imam Hussein in relation to the holy Prophet of Islam and characteristics of companions of Imam Hussein(AS).

 Iranian cultural Attaché to Uganda told the students that dignity and integrity of Imam Hussein as seen in the day of his martyrdom, is a great lesson for Muslims and freedom lovers of the world both now and forever.

He said in case Imam Hussein (AS) remained silent against Yazid, then all heaven teachings of Islam and other Divine religions would be trampled by Yazid and Yazidis.  





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