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A seminar on assassination of resistance cultural and political figures was held in Syria


The first gathering to review the assassination of political and cultural personalities of the resistance movement was held at the Abu Ramane Cultural Center in Damascus.

According to Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Culture Department of Damascus has started to hold a series of gatherings on resistance against Cultural Onslaught and its first session was held under the title of assassination of political and cultural personalities of the resistance movement at the Abu Ramaneh Cultural Center in Damascus.

 The gathering was opened by speech delivered by Iranian Cultural Attache to Damascus Mr. Salehinia, a documentary filmmaker and war reporter Walim Abdullah and a Palestinian scholar Rezwan Falahe .

The gathering was chaired by the Head of the Idlib Writers Association and person in charge of the cultural department of Syrian News Agency Mohammad Khalid Alkhezr. The gathering was started with a minute of silence and praying for the soul and honor of the martyrs of the Resistance Movement and the opening remark by the chairman of the gathering who welcomed the audience and briefed them about the program by the Syrian Ministery of Culture to counter the cultural onslaught through a series of gatherings.

Then the Syrian documentary filmmaker spoke about the situation surrounding the production of documentary about the Syrian war and as an example talked about making a documentary about Martyr Basel Qarqor a leading Syrian army personnel, whose parents were present at the gathering.

The Palestinian scholar talked about a prominent Palestinian martyr Naji Alali and a fried of this martyr, herself a leading Palestinian militant, talked about characteristics of her fried.

Iranian Cultural Attache to Damascus, another speaker at the gathering, talked about the personal characteristics of Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani and the reason behind his assassination by the United States.

He said less than one month ago, the Iranian nation had celebrated the 41th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution which coincided with the martyrdom of General Soleimani adding that Soleimani was one of those who were brought up at the school of the Islamic Revolution and served the Syria in its fight against the Takfiri Terrorists exactly the same as he served his homeland during the 8-years impose war.

Iranian Cultural Attache went on saying that, General Soleimani was not a military commander that commands the operation from the war room but took active part at battlefield operation and himself was at the front line. He was able to thwart the enemy"s tactics and threats in places like Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

Martyr Soleimani was such a brilliant soldier that even his sworn enemies have had acclaimed his distinction, said Mr. Salehinia. After his martyrdom, it became clear that Martyred Soleimani is a more frightening and formidable danger for the enemies than when he was alive. The reason behind his assassination was to frighten Iran and stop the country from any act of retaliation, but Iran without Anny fear or hesitation retaliated as strongly as possible against the crime committed by the US.






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