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Iranian Cultural Attache to Armenia meets high ranking Armenian Church official

Gathering to be held to introduce Iranian churches and holding Interreligious dialogue

Iranian Cultural Attache to Armenia, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Heidari met the Deputy for International Affairs of the Mother See of the Holy Etchmidzin Church and discussed issues of mutual interests.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), during the meeting between Mr. Heidari and Bishop Natan the question of holding the conference of Interreligous Dialogue and Introducing Iranian Churches , ways of taking care of churches and their repairing and renovation in Islamic Republic of Iran were brought up and discussed.

The proposal made by Iranian Cultural Attache for holding Interreligious Dialogue was welcomed by the high ranking Armenian Church official. Bishop said the proposed conference in addition to discussing specialized topics should concentrate more on the youth so that religious coexistence could be taught to young generation.

The Armenian Bishop proposed the topic of environment protection from religious perspective as motto of the gathering, a topic previously taken up by the Etchmidzin Church few years ago.

 Seyyed Mohammad Reza Heidari said Iranian Cultural Mission to Yerevan intends to hold a conference on introducing Iranian churches and asked the Armenian clergy to help for holding of such event. The request was welcomed by Bishop Natan and he promised to cooperate for holding such gathering.







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