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Iranian Cultural Attache to Athens in meeting with citys Deputy Mayor

Geeks have always talked respectfully about Iranians

Iranian Cultural Attache to Greece in a meeting with a district Deputy Mayor of Athens for Cultural Affairs said Greeks have always talked about Iranians in a respectful manner.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), in a meeting between Mohammad Ali Helmi and Yoanis Nikolarakos, issues related to cultural activities were discussed .

Iranian Cultural Attache in his opening remarks talked about thousands of years of shared culture and civilization between Iran and Greek and said these two ancient countries have kept their relations throughout the history because of their closeness adding that friendship between the two great nations of Iran and Greece has been a source of pride.

He said our relations should not be limited only to cultural one but should be improve in all sectors.

Mr. Helmi Said the Iranian Cultural Mission, affiliated to Iranian Embassy, is responsible for cultural ties of Islamic Republic of Iran"s with outside world adding that we welcome any opportunity to expand our relations with Greece through organizing cultural and scientific seminars, holding handicrafts and Photo exhibitions, film weeks and other kinds of cultural events and festivals.

The Greek Municipality official expressed his pleasure for meeting Iranian cultural representative and exchanging views about cultural cooperation and said as you rightly pointed out Iran and Greek are two ancient nations and their relations dates back to thousands of years and are considered as founders of human civilization.

He also said Athens municipality welcomes expansion of cultural cooperation with Iranian Cultural mission.  






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