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Reviewing the message of the Second Leg of the Islamic Revolution

The Arab Convergence Seminar on the message of the Second Leg the Islamic Revolution by Imam Khamenei in Lebanon

Iranian Cultural Mission in Lebanon in a joint effort with Lebanese Research Center had organized an Iran-Arab seminar titled The Arab Convergence Sseminar on the Second Leg Message of Imam Khamenei in Lebanon attended by a group of scholars of various tendencies at the above mentioned center.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the seminar was inaugurated by playing a clip about achievements of Islamic Republic of Iran and then the Head of the Lebanese Research Center, Dr. Abdolhalim Fazollah said the message of the Second Leg by Imam Khamenei is an important document for future of Iran and the region.

 He said the message has no Islamic and Shiite or even Iranian flavor and is Trans-Iranian and Islamic and is a useful regional and global guidelines based on ethical and human values and centered on the young generation.

Abdolhalim went on saying that Islamic Republic of Iran through this message showed that is against any atrocity against others and reactionary tendencies and is for construction based on interest of people and nations.

 He said Iranian success is not solely due to war and sacrifices made by its youth but in the said message, sovereignty of Science, economy and participation of people could be seen as a model and can feel justice and morality. Reconciliation between government and the revolution is another aspect of the message.

 The Head of the Lebanese Research Center said interests of the Islamic Revolution has never been in contradiction with interests of other nations adding that Iranian interest and interests of Saudi Arabia and Iraq lies in their common experiences both in religious and worldly dimensions, therefor their independence and progress are compatible and not contradictory.

He said Iran respects personal and social freedoms because country"s civilizational plan reflects principles such as science, morality, justice, independence and technology principles that are evident in the message of the Second Leg of the Revolution. Mr. Abdolhalim went on saying that the said message is in fact invitation to a constructive dialogue among regional countries.

Then Iranian Cultural Attaché to Lebanon, Mr. Abbas Khameyar thanked Mr. Abdolhalim for his cooperation with Iranian Cultural Mission in Beirut and said we acknowledge that have not done our best in reflecting what is taking place in Iran but maybe there is a reason for this but the truth is that we have not been able to reflect realities of Iranian social life and country"s all out progress.

He said unfortunately this is the first time that this message is being reviewed in an Arab country and in fact this is the first time that realities of Islamic Republic is being scientifically scrutinized in this gathering adding that undoubtedly this message is an important and strategic development and will solve regional and international problems.

He said the history of the Islamic Revolution has not been reflected in a proper manner and the Supreme Leader in his message provided a brief statement about the history of Iran because he is among the few people who has been closely involved with the past events and that"s why he is not a narrator who has studied the history, but has made it.  




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