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Chairman of Malaysian Islamic Consultative Organization;

US sanctions against Iran, despite spread of Coronavirus is clear example of state terrorism


 The Chairman of Malaysian Islamic Consultative Organization, Mohammad Azmi Abdolhamid, in a statement has said US sanctions against Iran despite spread of Coronavirus, is clear example of state terrorism.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Chairman of Malaysian Islamic Consultative Organization; has condemned US sanctions against Iran at the time of spread of Coronavirus that so far has resulted in death of 1500 people and infection of 17000.

He has said, the US government by continuing its sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran has demonstrated its antihuman and state barbarism policy adding that Iran, in order to fight spread of Coronavirus, must fight US sanctions adding that these sanctions have been a great hurdle for Iran in its fight against the said virus.

Mr. Azmi Abdolhamid has said US sanctions and its policy of Maximum pressure against Iran is in fact playing with life of Iranian nation.

The Chairman of Malaysian Islamic Consultative Organization has described the US cruel sanctions against Iran as more dangerous than Coronavirus itself because these sanctions prevent Iran from effectively fighting this virus.

He has said when millions of Iranian because of sanctions can"t by required medical items, the world can"t remain indifferent and silent. This antihuman US policy should be condemned in strongest possible manner, the US sanctions against Iran that prevents the country from effectively fighting against Coronavirus is a flagrant example of human rights violation.

 Tramp Administration by endangering the life of Iranian civilians in order to win regional geopolitical wars, has surpassed it limitations.

The Malaysian prominent Islamic scholar has said the additional sanctions imposed by Trump against Iran make us to believe that the main perpetrator of state terrorism is the United State and that"s why Washington should be punished for its atrocities.

He has pointed out that Iran is doing his best in fighting Coronavirus but US sanctions has limited country"s potentials to import necessary medical equipment to identify and treat those infected by the said virus.

Chairman of the Malaysian Islamic Consultative Organization has expressed his concern over the death of Iranian general public and medical staff, due to lack of medical equipment.

He finally called the World Health Organization to intervene for ending US sanction against Iran and let sending of medical aids to this country. He has also called for Unity in the fight against Coronavirus and stop a biological war launched against the counties in dire need of assistance.


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