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Greeks residing in Iceland are interested in Iranian cultural activities

The Greek people who are living in Iceland have expressed their support for promotion of cultural activities of Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), following the announcement of a group of Greek people residing in Iceland of their interest on Iranian culture and its promotion, Iranian Cultural Mission in Athens decided to extend some advice about its cultural activities to these people.

Since there is no Iranian Embassy or Cultural Mission to Iceland, the Greek community in the said country by finding the site of Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens and by sending emails to the Mission have expressed their support for promotion of Iranian cultural activities in their home country.

 The Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens while increasing its interaction with the expatriate Greek in Iceland have expressed it readiness to send posters about Iran and documentary films with Greek subtitles and has opened a specific Facebook account for sharing posts about Iran in local Icelandic language in order to be able to Use Iranian representatives" official pages in Greek.

The Greeks living in Iceland by opening a Facebook account which has become very popular, have started downloading of materials about Iranian culture and cultural activities.




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