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Ebrahimi Turkaman:

Corona has not be able to prevent our overseas cultural Jihad

The Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman said recently in a letter to world religious leaders I called for collective action to counter oppressive sanctions and ending of pressures and restrictions imposed on our country.

According to Public Relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Coronavirus has  been able to cripple the world and challenge all the human progress in various sectors during the Industrial Age and has closed down most of the economic activities so that the man today is fighting this virus in order the save his right to live. Meanwhile cultural activities have not been an exception and have come to standstill like other human activities but Iranian cultural missions abroad have continued their cultural works in numerous countries and are introducing Iran to people of the world using the cyberspace and social media outlets.

Despite of several months since outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, many countries are affected by this disease that has resulted in closure of cultural, religious and social centers and public places. However, the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization as one of the main cultural institutions inside the country and having more than 80 cultural mission across the world has undertaken measures appropriate with current situation. Following is the text of the interview with Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations, Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi about the role played by his organization during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Launching the "Campaign of Stay at Home and Read Book"

What measures the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization has taken to confront the Coronavirus Crisis?

First of all, I would like to talk about the Motto of "Stay at Home and Read Book". On the eve of Iranian New Year, books published by Al Hoda Institute affiliated to Islamic Culture and Relations Organization was offered by 50 percent discount.

In addition, cultural missions of Islamic Republic of Iran abroad by coordination of publishers that in the past within the framework of "TOP Project" have published numerous books in fields of Islamic Sciences, Sociology and Iranology were put under the disposal of the interested individual freely through the cyberspace. The Islamica .ir website of Center for Coordination of Translation and Publication of Islamic Science, affiliated with ICRO has put the complete file of 1700 books and article written in 12 languages free of charge at the disposal of interested individuals.  

 Hana Our Hero was published in 4 languages/ a book for children quarantined at home

Hana Our Hero, written by Aliasghar Seyyed Abadi and drawings by Ghazale Seyyed Abadi has been released in audio PDF format file in Arabic, Croat, Urdu, Bengali, English, French, and Turkish languages. Nowadays that Coronavirus pandemic is spread all over the world and social distancing regulations are enforced, the number of cyberspace users have increased, translation of this book into several languages in a short span of time has attracted hundreds of people and has played an important role in informing the foreign children and Iranian children living abroad about Coronavirus and the way they could protect themselves against this infectious disease.

Holding online Persian language classes and showing online films

In order to fight the spread of Coronavirus, the Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens for the first time organized online Persian language classes which was warmly welcome by the students.

In addition to Greek, Iranian Cultural Attaché to Tbilisi also arranged on line Persian language classes for school and university students to avoid violation of restrictions introduced by Georgian authorities to fight spread of Coronavirus.

 Iranian cultural missions to Baku and Bulgaria have followed the suit and arranged online classes for students of Persian language through the Google Hangout software and social media such as WhatsApp and skype. 

 In Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka the online Iranology classes were held for 20 students who are lecturers and students of Persian language at various universities in Bangladesh. A study course on Iranian Press was also arranged for students of the Persian language who attend the classes organized by Iranian Cultural Mission to Dhaka and during the course, contents of the latest editions of Iranian mainstream dailies such as Keyhan, Etelaat, Iran, Ghanoon, Hamshahri... were studied and reviewed through the Cyberspace, by the Bangladeshi students.

Iranian Cultural Mission to Italy in an effort to curb spread of Coronavirus,has organized the 46th round of the Persian language online classes attended by 40 students. this course consist of 8 hours of teaching in four levels of elementary, intermediary, secondary and advanced classes totally 72 hours in 12 sessions being taught by a Persian speaking lecturer.

Through the efforts of the Allameh Tabataba"i University and coordination of Iranian Cultural Mission to Kyrgyzstan a course of Persian language and Iranology were organized and were welcomed by Kyrgyz universities and education centers. Students from Farabi, Ablai khan international Relations University, Eurasia universities attend these courses from April 20.

Also through initiative of Iranian Cultural Attaché to Uzbekistan, the Persian language students of Tashkent Oriental Studies University and Termez universities are going to attend online Persian language course.

Fortunately as the results of efforts by Persian Language Department of the two main universities of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek State University and Osh Medical State University the Persian language classes of these university have not been suspended and teachings are continued through Zoom online application.  



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