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On the occasion of Quds Day took place in Indonesia:

Webinar of the Role of Western Imperialism Media in the Islamic World

Iranian Cultural Mission to Jakarta with help of Iranian Rooms in Indonesian Universities held a scientific meeting on the role of the Western Imperialism Media in the Islamic World.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the gathering was held to commemorate the annual event of the International Quds Day which takes place on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan in support of the Palestinian cause.

Some 50 people attended the meeting through webinar and 170 others via Tweeter. Attendants were from all walks of life including university students and professors.

Speaking at this cyber meeting, the person in charge of Iranian Room at Radan Fath University of Indonesian city of Palembang, Mr. Mikaeel, as the chairman of the meeting while elaborating on the position of the media in society and its influence on public opinion thanked Iranian Cultural Attache for providing this opportunity on the 72nd anniversary of the Yum Al Nakba or establishment of the Zionist Regime.

 Iranian Cultural Attache to Indonesia, Mehrdad Rakhshandeh speaking about the role of western Imperialism and Zionist media specially in the Islamic countries said most of the researchers believe that most of the news stories being reflected in the third world countries are produced by a few number of international news cartel adding that even the neighboring countries, publish each other"s news stories from western media sources.

 The Iranian cultural envoy to Indonesia said the image provided by such cartel about third world and Islamic countries are often distorted and partial and as a result unrealistic. He went on saying that during the past century, the western world by making use of the communications highways based on the extent of their technological advancement and wealth imposing their domination over the third world. The communications highways by manipulating the world public opinion, have deprived the third world countries from access to realities of the world community. 

Mr. Rakhshande added that at the present world, saturated with misleading and deception and numerous ideological, political, social and economic machinations taken place and still being hatched against Islam and Muslims, being aware of the major distortion of news by the enemies, is of great importance. These kind of news distortions is not limited to few news stories and some biased political and economic commentaries but it also sometime unwillingly influence the news trends. At the present, the United State due to historical reasons has been functioning as the capital of the world Zionism and the starting point of mobilizations and source of publicity of Zionist media.

He concluded his comments by saying that these days the foundations of the usurping regime of Israel and the image of the west are crumbling and that"s why they are worried about promotion of the realities of the real Islam ad due to this same reason they are sponsoring Islamo- phobia and Irano- phobia sentiments.

The next speaker was an Indonesian writer and Journalist, Zoheiri Mesravi who thanked Iranian Cultural Attaché for his effort to organize the meeting and said imperialism is being managed by the media outlets and mass media in an effort to control the politics and economy ,produce messages so that they can create imperialistic powers and safeguard it and in order to strengthen their imperialistic power have become a tool in creating corporations, accumulation of wealth and boosting globalization.

The Indonesian writer and journalist said Rupert Medoc, the media tycoon created his empire in 2000 by owning 800 media in 50 countries all across the world adding that media empire are created to justify the outlook of the imperial actors and not reflect on the victims of the imperialism. He went on saying that the United States by using its military power, like waging war, using proxies, espionage and intelligent gatherings, drones, cyber-attacks and militias, to introduce as a human rights defender and in order to achieve such an objective has gathered 400 journalists in an especial room to manipulate the world media.

Mesravi said the US Defense Ministry has always installed its retired general in mainstream media outlets and selling of state of the art weapons and through various machinations such as September 11 Attacks launched a global campaign of War on Terror and attacked Afghanistan and then in 2003 invaded Iraq. The US media used the word terrorist in reference to Saddam, the former strategic partner White House.

Referring to the failed attempt by the US government to depose the Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Indonesian political activist said today we are witness to continued propaganda by US media outlets against Uranium enrichment program by Islamic Republic of Iran while Iran is member of NPT since 1968. Iran pursues a peaceful nuclear energy program and both the late Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, have described the nuclear weapons as anti-Islamic.

He finally said, the Zionist lobby in the United States has been successful in controlling the White House and US media and extended influence on the process of US presidential election with the clear objective that when a candidate wins the election not to dare to put pressure on Israel and even during the presidency of Trump, the American media have use the Trump Imperialism against Palestinians in line with establishing the Great Israel with the holy Quds as its capital.






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