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An online international conference called Palestine the pain for the Islamic world is to be held in Kyrgyzstan

On May 20, an online international conference called Palestine the agony of the Islamic world, will be held in Kyrgyzstan at the initiative of the Center for Religion, Law and Politics and the Islamic publication "Ummah".

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the conference is due to open at 17pm Bishkek time on Friday May 22, attended by Iranian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Mr. Kharrazi and Iranian Cultural Attaché Parviz Qasemi.

The objective behind this conference is to declare support for the Palestinian people, Islamic sanctities in the Holy Quds and voicing solidarity with the Palestine nation by people of the world.

During this international conference, issues such as status of the holy Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque within Islam, the importance of Palestine for the world Islamic Ummah and its meaning based on day of Resurrection  will be brought up for discussion.

Other issues such as the question of occupation of Palestine, exposing the danger of the ideology of Zionism and double standard applied in international relations will be also touched.

Naming the holy Quds as the new capital of Israel by the US government and few other countries, is flagrant violation of international law, the right of Palestinian people and the right all Muslims. Within the framework international laws the conference will call for justice and implementation of the resolutions issued by this organization on the status of the holy Quds and Palestinian question and rejection of the double standard policies employed by the United States and Israel.

Participant will also discuss other topics such as world economy following the Pandemic of Coronavirus and its impacts on settlement of the Palestinian question and the Palestinian Intifada.

 A number of religious, political, social, experts, researchers, journalists, commentators, Muslim intellectuals and activists from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tatarstan and Kazakhstan are due to take part in the discussions.

Meanwhile a benevolent program named the tent of Ramadan Charity will be organized by the closing days of the holy month of Ramadan by the Islamic Ummah Institution, at prevailing situation when coronavirus has caused hardship for large number of people. This program will be carried out by participation and coordination of Iranian Cultural Mission in Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.






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