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In a regional conference in Moscow on the occasion of Quds Day it was emphasized:

Iran is the model for Islamic Countries in defense of the oppressed Palestinian People

The former member of the Russian Parliament (Duma) and Chairman of the Center for Strategic Studies of Russia and the Islamic World, Shamil Sultanov, in a video conference in Moscow said the Islamic Republic of Iran by resisting against its enemies and commemorating the Quds Day and defending the Palestinian people is a Model for other Muslim nations.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) the video conference was organized by Iranian Cultural Mission to Russian Federation and contribution by Iranian cultural missions to Kyrgyzstan and Republic of Azerbaijan and participation of Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali.

The Russian journalist and political activist, Maxim Shevchenko, Chairman of the Center for Strategic Studies of Russia and the Islamic World, Shamil Sultanov, Kyrgyz political activist and former parliamentarian, Torson Bai Bagherughlo and finally political and religious activist from Republic of Azerbaijan, Ibrahim Ughlo took part in the conference.

Iranian Ambassador in his opening remarks said resistance against the Zionist regime has prevented implementation of schemes by the occupationist regime in the region adding that the Palestinian question is important for various reason. First of all, from humanitarian point of view, because a nation living in his homeland for the course of history has been subject to occupation, suppression, killing and torture.

He continued by saying that the second dimension of the Palestinian question is civilization of mankind, especially in case of Abrahamic religions. In a place where divine religion have been appointed as messenger by almighty God and those messengers have built numerous places of worship there, that have been subject to atrocities. He said the third point is that while during the past 70 years so many people have talked about peace with Israel but what the late Imam Khomeini has said has been proved that reaching peace and justice with the Zionist regime is impossible.

Talking about two solutions for Palestine, he said one is simple and the other one is difficult. The difficult path is that the resistance movement should be strengthened and that the only way to deal with the Zionist regime is resistance. I believe that the Zionist regime is still thinking of the project from Nile to the Euphrates. What has postponed this scheme of the Zionist regime is resistance movement that has kept the Zionists busy in the occupied territories.

But the second solution put forward by Islamic Republic of Iran is that all Muslims, Christians, Jews and even irreligious people residing in the occupied territories take part in a democratic process and decide about their future government. This is a democratic solution for the Palestine an no other solution is more democratic than this could not be envisaged to settle this problem.


Quds a place for peaceful coexistence of followers of all religions


Then the Iranian Cultural Attaché to Moscow, Ghahreman Soleimani by saying that the Zionist Regime is the biggest violator of UN Security Council"s resolutions talked about the Holy Quds as a place for peaceful coexistence of all religions before establishment of the Zionist regime, but now this regime has disturbed the tranquility of this land.

He said the Palestinian question is an international question adding that although the sensitivity to this question for Muslim and Arab countries might be higher than that of other parts of the world but, the world community must also pay due attention to its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause. He further added that the conscience of the world community has always been in agony because has not been able to find a fair solution to suffering of the Palestinian nation.

Mr. Soleimani said the world Quds Day is a day that reminds the world community that all of us have a responsibility towards the Palestinian question and holding this conference show that we are all concerned about the Palestinian people and feel anguished about the sufferings of this nation.

Russian journalist and political activist and former Russian parliamentarian, Maxim Shevchenko, for his part said the World Quds Day is not only the sign of solidarity with Palestinian people but also confronting the devils and their agents on the earth and that campaign against the Zionist regime is business of Iran, Venezuela and any other county who are determined to struggle against maverick entity. He also thanked the Iranian people and government for commemorating the Quds Day ceremony each year.  

He said the World Quds Day is a day of campaign for restoring the rights of Palestinian people and rendering them freedom and justice adding that fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people is not only an struggle by a nation to secure its place and position in the earth, although it could also be interpreted in this way.

The prominent Russian journalist said the struggle by the Palestinian people is in fact a clash between good and evil and a struggle by nations against imperialism which is a tool in the hands of the devil to enslave other people.

Maxim Shevchenko said struggle of the Palestinian people is a struggle by all benevolent people of the world and Iranian nation against the axes of evil and the devilish United States, adding that Quds Day is an occasion for the forces supporting the Palestinian cause to come together and unite in their campaign against the occupationist and imperialist forces who are trying to enslave other nations. He said the imperialist powers think that other countries including Iran and Russia are their colony to sell their goods and products and consider us as their work force something that the eminence of the British imperialism.

Defending Palestinian aspirations is a duty for all Muslims

Kyrgyz political activist and former parliamentarian, Torson Bai Bagherughlo, who has also taken part in the said video conference, said defending Palestine and people of this country is a duty for Muslims all over the world but unfortunately many Muslims are unaware of this responsibility.

He said during the time of Soviet Union, the Israelis did not dare to carry out all-out savagery against the Palestinians adding that Israel was established by machinations of four countries in 1948 but establishment of the Palestinian homeland was not materialized and those countries namely, US, UK and France did not keep their promise about establishment of country for the Palestinian nation and finally the current US government headed by Trump moved the country"s embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy Quds.

The Kyrgyz former Parliamentarian said we do not recognize Quds as the Capital of Israel and the international status of this city should remain intact.

He said the Muslim people of Kyrgyzstan feel responsible toward the Palestinian question and we hold conferences, gatherings and demonstrations in defense of the rights of Palestinian people and take active part in ceremonies marking the World Quds Day which fortunately the Iranian Embassy in Bishkek, is very active in this respect.

Shamil Sultanov, former member of Russian Duma and chairman of the Center for Strategic Studies of Russia and the Islamic World said Islamic Republic of Iran by resistance against enemies and commemoration of the Quds Day and defending the Palestinian people has become a model for other Islamic countries.

He said another aspect of declaring the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the World Quds Day by late Imam Khomeini was the need for solidarity and cohesion among world Muslim Community and campaign against enemies of Islam adding that even after victory of the Palestinian people, the Quds Day will be commemorated as a festive day by Muslims forever.

Political and religious activist from Republic of Azerbaijan, Ibrahim Ughlo, speaking at the same video conference said the World Quds Day is a day for all oppressed people of the world and that"s why it can be said that it is a day of rejecting occupation of Karabakh, Iraq, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

He said the Quds Day is the day of destruction of idols of the contemporary world including the Zionist Regime a day of awakening of the mankind for solving the real problems of humanity and opposing the devil because the world arrogance wants to turn the people of the world to indifferent creatures.

Iranian Cultural Attache to the Republic of Azerbaijan also attending the said video conference said for liberation of the holy Quds, all freedom loving people of the world should unite.

Asghar Farsi said unfortunately, these days those who talk much about peace are less committed to this concept, adding the need for liberation of Quds so that followers of all Abrahamic religions can worship at this holly place.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Kyrgyzstan, Parviz Qasemi thanked the Iranian Cultural Attaché to Moscow for arranging this video conference and said the World Quds Day is the first priority of the Islamic World and this day has shown that the Muslim Community across the world are highly sensitive to this day.

He went on saying that Quds is the heart of Palestine and Islam and will remain so in the future and will not be subject to passing of time.

Referring to views of the Supreme Leader about the Holy Quds and Palestine, the Iranian Cultural Attaché to Bishkek said Ayatollah Khamenei has declared that the Palestinian question has only a single solution and that is establishment of state of Palestine throughout the land of Palestine.



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