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Iranian Cultural Mission to Tokyo organizes an online meeting:

Humanitarian look at Palestine and Quds

On the occasion of World Quds Day, an expert online meeting was held in Tokyo at the initiative of Iranian Cultural Attaché to japan titled " Humanitarian Look at Palestine and Quds" attended by some 100 Japanese researchers and interested individuals.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian Ambassador to Tokyo, Morteza Rahmani Movahed, Palestinian envoy, Valid Ali Siam, Iranian Cultural Attaché, Hussein Divsallar, Japanese Iranologist, Kenji Tomita, Iranologist, Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Savada, Japanese University Professor and expert on Palestinian affairs, Chie Azaki, and Ehsan Javanmardi delivered speech and took part in discussions.

Iranian Cultural Attache to Tokyo in his opening remarks while welcoming the participants, recalled the last year"s meeting on the same occasion which took place at the Tokyo"s Grand Mosque and said this year because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was not possible to hold the meeting as usual and that"s why this meeting is arranged in cyberspace form.

He said the Quds Day is the eternal legacy of the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini and said the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran by this precious initiative gave shape not only to thinking and ideas within the Islamic World but world freedom lovers and leaders and made it possible that 72-years of oppression and tyranny against the Palestinian people not to be put into oblivion and the path to be paved for upholding the universal support for the Palestinian nation.

Then Iranian Ambassador to Tokyo thanked Hussein Divsalar for his initiative in organizing the online event in support of Palestinian cause and said 72 years has passed since occupation of the Palestine adding that the illegitimate regime of Israel by its barbaric attacks against the oppressed people of Palestine and committing all sorts of crimes which are forbidden by all divine and worldly religions and schools of thought and contemporary international laws and regulations by receiving direct help from domineering and backward countries, has applied harshest brutality against the Palestinian people. He added that the Zionist regime has made the Palestinians homeless and during the Past 72 years the Middle East region has always been in turmoil and instable.

Mr. Rahamani Movahed added the history has registered genocide and mass killing of Palestinian people in Sabra, shatila and Kfar Qasem... and such atrocities will never be forgotten because killings of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian people has never been taken serious by international community and those who claim to support human rights.

He said, in addition to becoming homeless and refugee, large number of Palestinians just for defending their basic rights have been imprisoned in Zionists" donjons and are subject to harsh and inhumane conditions. The Zionist regime has totally deprived the imprisoned Palestinians from their fundamental rights to an extent that UN Security Council in a resolution in 2015 expressed its deep concern about the fate of the Palestinian inmates in the hands of the Israeli jailers especially violation of the human rights, expansion of Jewish settlements, construction of the separation wall and so many other discriminations and brutal acts including killing of women and children.

The Iranian Ambassador talked about the backers of the murderer and terrorist regime of Israel including the United states that under the false and ridiculous claim of human right defender, always thwarts efforts by the UN Security Council and other international organizations to issue resolutions in condemnation of the barbaric acts by the Zionist regime.

Rahmani Movahed concluded his comment by saying that as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has pointed out, Palestine is not a question for Arab or even Islamic world but is rather the most important human rights question of the contemporary world and a test for gaging the extent of the vigilance, fairness, justice and dignity of the mankind and that finding a solution for the Palestinian question, requires unity of ideals of benevolent people of the world. He said God willing the dawn of victory is approaching.

Then the Palestinian Ambassador to Tokyo, valid Ali Siam, while thanking the Iranian Cultural Attaché for arranging the meeting said this year marks 72nd years of establishment of the Zionist entity and despite all plots and machinations it should be said that the holy Quds is not the capital of this entity and remains as the Capital of Palestine.

He said we will not accept the measure taken by the US Administration because the land of Quds is not a Jewish land but belongs to Muslims, Christians and Jews and is contaminated by being Usurped by the Zionists.

He said the Palestinian people will not accept the so called the "Deal of the Century" because the settlement advocated by Washington will add to misery of the Palestinians and since all our hopes and aspirations have dashed away and none of the promises have been materialized we have abandoned all our agreements with the United States and Israel adding that none of the resolutions passed by the UN Security Council have been honored by the US and the Israelis.

The Palestinian Ambassador said the international community has remained silent towards the plight of Palestinian people and if instead of the Zionist regime, another state perpetuated the same atrocities the world community would definitely took action and impose sanctions against such country.

The next speaker was a prominent Japanese Iranologist, Kenji Tomita who in reference to the statement by the late Imam Khomeini (RA) in the first year of the Islamic Revolution and designating the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the Quds Day said such initiative taken by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran shows the importance of the Palestinian fate for him.

 He said Israel was created by the help of Britain and the United States   adding that before the Islamic Revolution there was close ties between Tehran and Tel Aviv to an extent that Israel and the US were given large part of the agricultural lands of the Iranian province of Qazvin to them.

Then the well-known Japanese Iranologist and Vice Chancellor of Al- Mustafa University, Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Savada talking about withholding of truth and realities about Palestine by media outlets said in Palestine in one side stands the defenseless and unarmed people of Palestine and on the other side the fully armed Israeli forces who kill the Palestinians and take away their lands and properties and trample their rights.

 The meeting came to close by presentation of a paper prepared by Chie Azaki an expert on Palestinian affairs who referring to the peace proposal forwarded by the US Administration said in case this peace plan called Deal of the Century is enforce, the Israelis will dominate the western part of the Gaza a situation that the Palestinian authorities in reaction to it have threatened to withdraw from any agreement reached between them and Israel and the US.

He said Palestinians have also rejected the American peace plan because in that plan, the holy Quds is given to Israel, something totally unacceptable by the Palestinian side.    




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