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The Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

Culture is the most effective element for convergence of nations

Abuzar Ebahimi Turkaman in his meeting with the newly appointed President of ECO Cultural  Institution, by saying that activities in Echo region is a priority for Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, termed culture as the most effective element for bringing nations together.

According to Public relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Turkaman, during his talks with President of ECO, Mr. Savar Bakhti, while greeting the newly appointed President of ECO, said the wishes of your father, Mehman Muhabatov has come true to you in his beautiful poem which says "from the first day till the eternity, my quest has been Iran, a country that is symbolized by the feather of the legendary bird Simorgh and the bravery of lions.

He said cultural diplomacy provides the governments to establish direct spiritual relations with people of other countries and utilize such relations in serving its political, economic, military and security objectives and this kind of diplomacy is more effective between nations that share common culture and civilization.

Culture will lead man towards peace, friendship and goodness and that"s why a cultural establishment should be fully aware of this concept and draw a road map for improvement of ties among nations, said Mr. Turkaman.

He added that Islamic Culture and Relations Organization by having 85 cultural envoys in 63 countries across the world, is trying to make use of its organizational knowledge and expertise, to inform its audiences about the 7 thousands year old Iranian civilization and achievements of its glorious Islamic Revolution.

 The Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization then talked about cooperation between his organization and ECO Cultural Institution and said the cultural commonalities among the ECO member states is a valuable asset for cultural cooperation among their relevant international institutions to materialize their common goals adding that priority of ICRO and its activities within the ECO region.

Mr. Turkaman said culture is an important element in relations among nations and said Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, ECO organization and countries of Eco region have great scientific and cultural scholars who are eager to works for promotion of cultural ties among people of this region.

Ebrahimi Turkaman, who is also a member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Culture talking about the past cooperation between ICRO and ECO, in framework of bilateral cooperation said we have translated and published a number of books and Al Hoda International Publication Institution affiliated to Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, has considerable potentials and enjoys good opportunities in this sector.

He proposed publication of a joint calendar by Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and ECO to introduce the renowned cultural figures of ECO"s member counties and holding of specialized conferences.

 Making influential films about the situation in ECO"s member countries and preparing the Friendship Charter of the member states and its translations into various languages, were among other proposals made by the Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in his meeting with the new President of ECO.

Taking Practical Steps for continued cooperation

Then the new President of ECO Cultural Institution for his part while confirming the comments made by Mr. Turkaman, expressed his interest for enhancing and continuing cooperation with Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.  

 Mr. Sarvar Bakhti said ECO is a regional organization establish by Islamic Republic, Pakistan and Turkey founding members aimed at promoting their economic, technical and cultural cooperation among the member countries that now includs Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, a set of nations that share common history and culture and are located in one of the most strategic region of the world.

While talking about the activities of ECO Cultural Institution, he said, ECO is a cultural entity and is engaged in scientific and research works on common cultural heritage of the member states, publication of books, boosting cooperation among libraries and academic centers and holding meetings and conferences.  

Sarvar Bakhti called for signing of a cultural memorandum of understanding between Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations and ECO for further cultural cooperation and said we intend to diversify our programs and activities, especially in introducing the prominent scholars and figures and undertake constructive cultural projects.

He concluded his comments by stressing the need for promotion of Persian language and literature outside Iran and establishment of a national commission for pursuing such initiative.



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