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Iranian Cultural Attaché to China discuss promotion of cultural ties with Chinese officials

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beijing in a video contact with some high ranking officials of Chinese Ministry of Culture called for expansion of cultural cooperation between the two countries.

 According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), during the talks between Abbas Ali Vafaee and Head of Asian- African Department of Chinese Ministry of Cultures, Wan Tin, Former Chinese Cultural Attaché to Tehran Jezekha who is currently the Head of the Cultural Relations of Chinese Minister of Culture and Assistance to Manager of Asian- African Department, Ms. Zhang Mijing, discussed bilateral cultural relations.

Iranian Cultural Attaché said Iran and China are two ancient and historic countries and fortunately both governments attach increasing attention to their bilateral ties.

 Mr. Vafaee said the 2021 is coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of cultural relations between Tehran and Beijing and a good opportunity for boosting allout relations between the two nations.

He said the year 2021 has been named as the year of tourism between Islamic Republic of Iran and China and on this occasion numerous cultural event including Iranian cultural week in China, performance of Iranian National Symphonic Orchestra, holding various cultural exhibition in Beijing and some other Chinese cities are among activities proposed by Iranian side.

The Manager of Asian-African Department of Chinese Ministry of Culture welcomed the proposed cultural programs by Iranian Cultural Attaché and said the case will be discussed with Chinese cultural envoy to Tehran.

Wan Tin said since last year because of the outbreak of Coronavirus some of the cultural programs of Chinese government did not take place, holding the year of tourism requires approval of high ranking official of country"s because several ministries are involved in planning for such events.

The Manager of Asian-African Department of Chinese Ministry of Culture speaking about digital tourism year and digital cultural year said Chinese government is planning to expand such events and responding to suggestion by Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beijing said we will convey your proposal to our country"s highest authorities.

The former Chinese Cultural Attaché to Tehran who for serving long term assignment in Iran is well informed about the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed the proposal made by Abbas Ali Vafaee.

He said for holding Iranian cultural week in Beijing and other Chinese towns and cities and nominating the year 2021 as the year of tourism, considerable planning and preparations should be made to hold ceremonies that are reflective of the high profile history and civilization of both nations.

The high ranking Chinese cultural official went on saying that the coming year is well suited for such cultural event because it will provide an opportunity to express gratitude to those who have been effective in promoting cultural relations between Iran and China adding that for best possible implementation of the programs the private cultural companies should be also involved in the programs.

He said paying attention to spiritual heritage and traditional festivities of Iran and China could also add to richness of the cultural programs foreseen for the said cultural events.    




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