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Chairman of the Serbian Muslim Scholars Community Leader:

Interreligious dialogue plays an important role in proximity of religions

The Chairman of the Serbian Muslim Scholars" Community Leader, Mufti Sead Nesvovich in his meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Serbia said interreligious dialog is the best mechanism for proximity of religions and better understanding of each other.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade Rashid Hasanpor along with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Serbian capital, Mahdi Shirazi on Monday June 15 visited the Baberakli Mosque in Belgrade and held a meeting with the Chairman of the Serbian Muslim Scholars" Community Leader, Mufti Sead Nesvovich.

The Serbian high ranking Muslim clergy said the cause of the problems within the world of Muslimic community is lack of culture adding that duty of the real and devoted Muslims is to promote the level of culture among Muslims.

 He said Islamic Republic of Iran has a prominent position among Muslim nations because of country"s rich and dynamic culture which is originated from rich Iranian literature.

Dialog and introducing of Islam free from extremism is the principle policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade while talking about cultural works as gradual and key endeavor said the logic of Islam has always been rest on strong reasoning and for this same reason, the best possible option to fight Islamophobia and anti-Islam campaigns is to take advantage of dialog and publicize moderate Islam away from extremism, an approach that Islamic Republic of Iran has always called for.

 Mr. Rashid Hasanpor added that Muslim countries and nations in various parts of the world and the Middle East in Particular, are faced with a variety of challenges and crisis that mainly have external causes.

He went on to say that the best way of getting out of the ongoing crisis are strengthening shared religious identity, proximity of various schools of Islamic thoughts and unity among Muslims adding that religious leaders and scholars play a leading role in putting an end to sufferings of Muslim people.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Belgrade Mahdi Shirazi speaking at the same meeting talked about the constructive cultural cooperation between Iran and Serbia and said Iranian Cultural Mission in Belgrade in recent years has maintained good relations with Serbian Muslim community in areas such as sending reciters of the Holy Quran from Tehran to Belgrade in recent years during the holy month of Ramadan as well as organizing various exhibitions and religious gatherings. He said we hope that our good and amicable ties and cooperation to grow further in the future.



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