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Call for interreligious Dialog:

The Archbishop of Serbian Orthodox Church meets Iranian Abassador and Cultural Attaché to Belgrade

The Archbishop of Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej in his meeting with Iranian Ambassador and Cultural Attaché to Belgrade, welcomed Iranian call for interreligious dialog.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade, Mr. Rashid Hasanpor and Iranian Cultural Attache Mr. Mahdi Shirazi in their meeting with Serbian church leader discussed issues surrounding the cultural relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Serbia.

Patriarch Irinej in his opening remark said believing on God is the most important commonality among divine religions adding that any individual with minimum rationality and wisdom, would never deny the existence of the almighty God.

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church said it is unfortunate that on eyes of many communities, religion is just a slogan and only the formalities of the religion are being observed by them.

The top Serbian Christian clergy welcomed the interreligious dialog between Islamic Republic of Iran and Serbia and said wherever there is dialog, there is no violence and war.


Patriarch Irinej thanked Iranian government for taking constructive policy in support of the Serbian territorial integrity and called for all out cooperation between the two countries.

The Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade, Hasanpor, for his part while talking about the common mission of all divine religions said in every religion, human being has a sublime position.

He said, interreligious dialog is the only path to common understanding, peace and security and expressed readiness of his government to hold interreligious dialog with Serbian Orthodox Church.

Then Iran Cultural Attaché to Serbia also taking part in discussions while referring to an exhibition held by Faculty of Theology of Belgrade University under the name "Christianity and Islam and the World Free from Violence" and said we hope that the new round of interreligious dialogue between Iran and Serbia to take place in near future by concerned organizations of two countries.






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