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Discussing the role of cultural institutions in safeguarding National Unity in Uganda

By the initiative and contribution of the Iranian Cultural Mission to Uganda, the role played by the cultural institutions in protecting the national unity was discussed by some local experts.

According to Public relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), in an effort to boost cultural relations between Tehran and Kampala a scientific meeting was held in Ugandan capital attended by Iranian Cultural Attaché to this African country Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla and a number Ugandan cultural and media activists.

Iranian cultural envoy to Kampala in his opening remarks underlined the importance of cultural institutions in upholding national unity, cultural and scientific heritages, self-confidence, believe in native potentials , internal development, self-believe, culture for development, promoting understanding and knowledge of the youth, strengthening social potentials, flourishing the talent of the young generation, boosting the sense of nationalism, correct guiding of public opinion, fighting devastating cultural onslaught and promoting valuable native social values.

 He went on saying that the wide ranging progress made by Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of the policy of looking inwards and local potentials, self-believe, self- confidence, employing useful and healthy culture and enhancing the talents of the country"s youth.

Mr. Qezelsufla added that in order to achieve sustainable development based on the national potentials, the nation needs to change its outlook and by quoting the holy Quran said destination of no nation will be changed unless that nation decides itself to change its destination. He emphasized that reason and rationale show that all out sustainable progress is only possible through looking inwards and not outwards.

The Iranian Cultural Attaché by referring to the auspicious occasion of the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh Masoumeh (S) said on this occasion the important status of girls as the future mothers and their role and responsibilities in the future society is elaborated by introducing the model based on the pure Islamic standards.

The manager and the active member of the Holmand Cultural, Social and Media Institution, Charles Kazowa for his part said the western media by fomenting Iranophobia and Islamophobia are deliberately reflecting  the news about Islamic Republic of Iran in a selective manner, negatively and in some occasions distorted or even quite opposite. He said Iranian news agencies and the Iranian Press TV are easily accessible in Uganda and other African countries.

The chairman of the Ugandan Cultural and Media Institute, Naser Kasoi said the colonial countries consider the moral values, religious and spiritual teachings as well as global peace as contrary to their interests adding that such powers interpret promotion of correct ideas and public opinion, boosting and upholding of beliefs, campaign against cultural invasion and promotion of humane values as terrorism and publicize ideas contrary to human nature as genuine values and human rights.

The Iranian cultural Attaché concluded his remarks by praising the role played by Ugandan cultural institution in preserving countries national identity and unity and promoting religious and moral values.      



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