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Professor of Iranology of Ningxia University;

I will try to introduce Iran to Chinese people

Professor of Iranology of Ningxia University, Wang Fung in a telephone conversation with Iranian Cultural Attaché in Beijing said during my 23 years of work as Iranologist, I have tried to Introduce Iran to Chinese people and bring the two nations and countries closer to each other.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO),Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beijing, Abbas Ali Vafaee, in order to Invite Professor Wang Fung to take part in an international Iranology webinar, contacted the prominent Professor of Iranian studies and discussed various issues of mutual concern.

Iranian top cultural envoy to China thanked professor Fung for his outstanding research works and informed him of the plan to hold a webinar about Iranology in China and introducing those active in such studies in Chinese academic center to Iranians as well as evaluating such efforts in order to leave behind a legacy in this area for the future generations.

The Chinese university professor for his part said Iran and China in west and east of Asia respectively, are among very renowned civilizations and as an Iranologist, I have done my best during the past 23 years to make the Chinese people familiar with Iran and Iranian people and create ties and friendship between the two nations and countries.

Professor Wang Fung said fortunately I have visited Iran several Times and I have published my findings through several papers and reports. He added that Iran is a major country along the Silk Road and I have brought up this fact in my writings.

Professor of Iranian studies at the Chinese University of Ningxia, talking about the 2500- year relationship between Iran and China called for further promotion of ties between Tehran and Beijing.

He said currently he is doing a research work about  the "History of Civilization Exchange" between Iran and China and asked Iranian Cultural Attache to Beijing to write a preface to his research work about history of education in Iran.



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