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Passing away of Ayatollah Taskhiri

Reviewing the scientific and proximity status of late Ayatollah Taskhiri to take place in Lebanon

High ranking clergies, societies, various religious, cultural and social groups in Lebanon will take part in a webinar on the scientific and proximity position of late Ayatollah Taskhiri, an initiative taken by the Iranian cultural Mission to Beirut.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO),large number of Lebanese Muslim and non-Muslim religious, cultural and social figures, groups and organizations who have commemorated the departure of the standard bearer of the proximity of Islamic schools of thought and prominent religious scholar late Ayatollah Taskhiri, are due to take part in a webinar organized by Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beirut to discuss his characteristics and efforts to promote Islam and his work to bring followers of various Islamic schools of thoughts closer to each other.

This webinar is due to take place on Friday September 4 at 17:30 Tehran time.

The Palestinian prominent writer and researcher, Mustapha Al-Ladavi will chair this virtual event which will take place at Zoom Meeting 275 085 8949.

Those interested individuals wishing to take part in the said webinar can download the Zoom Cloud Meeting in their mobile phone or computer and enter the password of the program: 8949085275 or use the following direct link :

In order to watch the program live through the Internet on the mobile phone, the following link of the Unews- News Agency:



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