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Irans Cultural Attaché to Uganda;

The Supreme Leaders message condemning re-publishing of the insulting images was widely covered by Ugandan media

Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla reported on the widespread reflection of the Supreme Leader"s message in response to the re-publishing of offensive images of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SA) by a French-Language magazine, in Ugandan media.

According to the Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla said he has sent the English translation of Imam Khamenei"s message condemning re-publication of the offensive images by a French magazine about holy Prophet of Islam. the title of message is "Zionists behind" the scene of this insulting move, to various Ugandan media.

 The Supreme Leader has condemned the insult of the French Journal to the holy Prophet (SA) and described it as move by the Zionist regime to distract the attentions from its conspiracies.

As reported by Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla, the social media and news outlets in Uganda including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hamland News Sites, Uganda Bilal, Africa News, African Cultural Studies, etc. have widely and promptly reflected the message sent by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution.

In addition, the text of this message was sent by the Cultural Mission of Islamic Republic of Iran in Uganda to the emails of religious, scientific and cultural figures and more than 400 well educated people of this country.

The message sent in condemnation of the French journal for publishing insulting material against the Holy Prophet of Islam (SA), has reminded the Muslims while remaining vigilant about the plots by the western powers never forget the animosity of the western leaders against Islam and Muslims.



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