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Iran and Lebanon to promote Cultural Relations

In a meeting between Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beirut and Lebanese Minister of Culture both sides called for expansion of cultural ties between the two countries.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian Cultural Attaché to Lebanon, Abbas Khameyar met the Lebanese Minister of Culture and Agriculture and discussed issues of mutual interest including boosting cultural relations between Tehran and Beirut.

The Lebanese Cabinet Minister expressed his pleasure for meeting Iranian Cultural representative to Beirut and called for evermore expansion of cultural relations and cultural commonalities between the two countries.

The Lebanese Minister of Culture, Abbas Morteza, referring to designation of Lebanese new Prime Minister  and formation of a new government said I am pleased that serving in this position has been able to implement some joint programs with Iranian Cultural Mission in Beirut and hope that during my term of office, cultural relations between Tehran and Beirut to grow further, despite the economic crisis and outbreak of Coronavirus has somehow temporarily hampered his efforts.

 Iranian Cultural Representative, Abbas Khameyar briefed the Lebanese Cabinet member about his mission"s activities including holding of various webinars during the time of Coronavirus outbreak and thanked Mr. Abbas Morteza for his cooperation with Iranian Cultural Mission. He also invited the Lebanese Minister of Culture to attend a ceremony due to be held to honor Ali Zeitoon who has received his prize from Iranian President for his success in Farabi Festival.

They also discussed issues about art and cultural programs and joint performance of two countries" symphonic orchestras to pay tribute to those who last their life in the resent tragic explosion in Beirut.

They also talked about promoting their cooperation on areas of cultural commonalities and introducing two countries historic sites and monuments.






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