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As per its constitution, the ICRO is to pursue the following aims and objectives: 1. Revival and dissemination of Islamic tenets and thoughts with a view to reaching the true message of Islam to the people of the world; 2. Creating awareness among the people of the world as regards the principles, the objectives, and the stance of the Islamic Revolution of Iran as well as the role it plays in the international arena; 3. Expansion of cultural relations with various nations and communities in general; and the Muslims and the oppressed, in particular; 4. Strengthening and regulating the existing cultural relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries of the world as well as global cultural organizations; 5. Appropriate presentation of the Iranian culture and civilization as well as its cultural, geographical, and historical characteristics; 6. Preparation of the necessary grounds for the unity among Muslims and the establishment of a united front among world Muslims on the basis of the indisputable principles of Islam; 7. Scholarly debates and confrontations with anti-religion, anti-Islam, and anti-Revolutionary cultures with a view to awakening the Muslims of the world regarding the divisive conspiracies of the enemies as well as protecting the rights of the Muslims; 8. Growth, development, and the improvement of the cultural, political, economic, and social conditions of the Muslims. 
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Home|Iran|Islam|Persian Language|FAQ|Contact Us|Links|Sitemap