Baqala Qatoq

Baqala Qatoq

Baqala Qatoq
First soak Pache Baghala or Rashti fava beans in hot water overnight. Skin the beans and split them in half. Sauté garlic, beans and fresh or dried dills. Add 2-3 glasses of water and slow cook for 15 minutes. When the stew is ready, break two eggs on top of the stew and let it cook with the stew’s internal heat. Like most dishes from Northern Iran, it can be served alongside bread or rice.

Baqala Qatoq is one of the most famous and delicious local and traditional foods of Gilan, which has many fans in other cities of Iran though. The unique climate of Gilan province causes the diversity and abundance of agricultural products and, consequently, the variety of local food with distinctive taste. This khoresh (stew dishes) is known as Baqala Qatoq and Baqala khoresh. This food is often cooked among families in north of Iran since its simplicity and low cost.

Baqala Qatoq is one of the most popular foods in Gilan, which is sometimes served as an appetizer, and is rich in protein due to its ingredients including eggs and beans. This khoresh is a simple, fragrant and tasty food made from agricultural beans or Rasht beans (a type of fava bean or special bean for the local people in the north of Iran) With garlic, dill, spices and oil. After cooking, they crack the eggs on it. This delicious food is served with rice, garlic, olives, salted fish, yogurt and cucumber.

Name Baqala Qatoq
Country Iran
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