Koofteh Sabzi Shirazi ( Shirazi vegetable meatballs

Koofteh Sabzi Shirazi ( Shirazi vegetable meatballs

Koofteh Sabzi Shirazi ( Shirazi vegetable meatballs
Instructions: Wash the greens and spread them on a cloth, so it absorbs their water. Soak the greens and the legumes for a few hours (change the legume’s water for a couple of times), and then strain them. Now grind all the legumes, herbs, ground meat, and onion together. Then, add the salt, pepper, turmeric, and 3 to 4 tablespoons of fried onions (with no oil dripping) to the mix. Knead the ingredients well. Stir-fry the walnut slices with fried onions; add the raisins or barberries to the pan and put out the flame afterward and let it cool. You can also change the inside ingredients based on your taste; they just should not have any extra oil. You can also prepare the meatballs with no ingredients inside. In a suitable pot (which the meatballs should cook in it), stir-fry dried fenugreek with some oil. Then, add the remaining fried onions with turmeric and stir for some more. Now pour water in the pot and wait for it to boil. How To Cook: Now grab some of the ground ingredients (again, as much as a small orange). Put some of the walnut-raisin mixes in its center and shape it into a perfect meatball with no cracks. First, put 2 of the meatballs in the pot with its lid open, wait for 20 minutes. Then, if they were not crushed, add the other meatballs one by one to the pot. A good Koofteh should not be so hard that you need a knife to cut it; they should not crush in the pot either. If your test meatballs crush, add one egg to the ingredients and mix well. You can also add 1 or 2 tablespoons of wheat flour if you think it’s necessary. Although, if the greens are dried and legumes without water, and you knead the ingredient and shape the Koofteh well, this should not happen. When all of the meatballs are inside the pot, the water should be covering them. Only add hot water to the pot if you need to. After 30 minutes, put the lid on and wait for your Koofteh Sabzi to cook on a gentle heat for 1 to 2 hours.
Name Koofteh Sabzi Shirazi ( Shirazi vegetable meatballs
Country Iran
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