Loobia Polo Shirazi ( rice with bean )

Loobia Polo Shirazi ( rice with bean )

Loobia Polo Shirazi ( rice with bean )
How to make Loobia Polo? Persian green bean rice recipe includes 3 steps. 1. Cooking the green beans mixture just like a thick sauce. 2. Par cooking the rice. 3. The final step would be to mix both rice with green beans mixture and then steaming them together. Green beans and meat mixture recipe To prepare the green beans and meat mixture, start with washing and removing both ends of the green beans. Then chop all the beans to 1-inch tall pieces. Onion is the base of most Persian foods as well as most international dishes, the cooking process begins with small dicing onions and sautéing them in a pan with vegetable oil on medium heat until it becomes transparent.

Loobia Polo is another traditional food of Shiraz that has a wonderful taste and aroma. Of course, this food is prepared in most cities of Iran. But the difference between Loobia Polo Shirazi can be said to be the use of beans. This traditional food of Shiraz, along with beans, also depends on meat and vegetables for cooking. The use of these raw materials shows well that Loobia Polo Shirazi is one of the healthiest traditional foods in Shiraz. It is not bad to know that using chicken instead of meat in preparing this food is common and has a delicious taste. Beans, meat or chicken, rice, dill, saffron, salt, pepper and cinnamon can be introduced as the raw materials of this traditional Shirazi food. Each can have a great impact on the taste of food.

Name Loobia Polo Shirazi ( rice with bean )
Country Iran
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