Qeime Nesar

Qeime Nesar

Qeime Nesar
Qeime Nesar is one of the most popular foods of Qazvin province, which has been spread in all provinces of Iran and cooked as an aromatic and delicious food for official events, happiness parties, wedding parties, large parties and Eids. Qeime Nesar is considered to be an expensive and luxury food cooked basically with the ingredients such as: Rice, lamb meat, onion, saffron, barberry, almond slice, pistachio slice, orange slice, turmeric, cardamom, salt, sugar, tomato paste and some famous aromatic and delicious spices special to Qeime Nesar in Qazvin. Sometimes meat and rice are stewed simultaneously and sometimes rice is prepared separately, in combination with a little saffron and in the next step, the layered meat is placed in the middle of rice; the above mentioned slices can be used for decorating the food. This food is usually served with vegetable and yogurt.

Gheymeh Nesar (Gheimeh Nesar, قیمه نثار) is a traditional Persian stew. Despite its name, it is entirely different from Gheimeh. Since Gheimeh’s main ingredient is split, chickpea is absent in Gheymeh Nesar’s recipe. It has originated in Qazvin, one of the central provinces of Iran. In the past, they served it at some official parties, such as wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, it is mostly served at casual parties and gatherings. In Qazvin, you can find it in restaurants, but in other cities, it is rare to find this food at restaurants.

Name Qeime Nesar
Country Iran
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