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Iran and Thailand to boost scientific and cultural cooperation
Scientific and cultural cooperation between Iranian Cultural Mission to Bangkok and Rajabhat Ayota University of Thailand are to increase.
 22:06 - 14/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
To be attended by Ebrahimi Turkaman
11th gathering of Culture Ministers of ISESCO member state is due be held in Tunisia
11th gathering of Culture Ministers of ISESCO member state is due be held in Tunisian on Dec.16-19 and Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman is scheduled to take part at this conference.
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Islam-Christianity Dialogue in a Berlin Church
5th Round of Islam- Christianity Dialogue, attended by a group of adherents of the two faiths was held at the Central Tempelhof Church in Berlin.
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Qezelsufla speaking at Ugandan Belal Radio;
Promotion of nudity culture an improper hijab are clear violation of human rights
The Iranian cultural representative talked about the philosophy of hijab from Islamic perspective and said Hijab is indisputable right of women and opposition to it and encouraging nudity and improper hijab and its promotion is a flagrant violation of womens natural and human rights.
 22:01 - 13/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Through the efforts of Iranian Cultural Attaché to Turkmenistan;
Iranian art and cultural exhibition is due to open in the city of Merv
Wart works of Iranian artists and craftsmen from the northeastern province of Khorasan are to be put on display in an exhibition in the Turkmen city of Merv,
 10:26 - 13/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Iranian documentaries and TV series to be aired by Ethiopian ARTS TV channel
The producer and director of TV programs of Ethiopian ARTS TV channel met and held talks with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Addis Ababa.
 22:20 - 12/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Ugandan journalist Travelogue about Iran
An Iran that BBC and CNN dont show you
A Ugandan journalist and researcher by visiting Iran has shown his amazement about the country in an article published in a Ugandan newspaper.
 19:33 - 12/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
The Chairman of the Abasyn Columnists Association of Peshawar:
Common culture is the strongest link between Iran and Pakistan
The Chairman of Abasyn Columnists Association of Peshawar, Zia ulhaq Sarhadi in his meeting with the person in charge of Iranian Cultural House in Peshawar said the strongest bridge between Iran and Pakistan is common culture.
 19:28 - 12/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Ebrahimi Turkaman;
The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution has been able to introduce genuine and praiseworthy Islamic Culture
The Chairman of The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) on the occasion of Dec.19, the anniversary of establishment of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution based on a decree issued by the late Imam Khomeini, the great founder of the Islamic Revolution, in an interview with the new section of the said council that Mr. Turkaman is also a member answered questions about the activities and functions of the council. Following is a brief and abstract version of the rather extensive interview.
 23:51 - 11/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran and Pakistan to expand their media cooperation
The editor of three lingual Pakistani Magazine" B4 Media" and person in charge of Iranian Cultural House in Karachi, called for expansion of media cooperation between the two countries
 18:58 - 11/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance by presenting a plague of appreciation praised Islamic Culture and Communication Organization
Iranian Islamic Culture and Islamic Guidance, Seyyed Abbas Salehi, parsing the efforts of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization in holding Book Week overseas, presented a plague of Certification to Chairman of the Organization.
 22:44 - 10/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
performance of joint cultural Programs between Iran and Russia in Germany
Iranian Cultural Mission and Russian Science Culture and House in Belin are due to conduct joint cultural program in German capital.
 19:46 - 10/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
World Rumilogists come together
Rumilogist (those who are expert on philosophy and thoughts of Mowlana Jalal eddin Balkhi, Know in West as Rumi) from Iran, Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Cypress, India and Balkan countries attend 6th International Molana conference in the Turkish city of Konya, the burial place of Mowlana.
 18:13 - 10/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Expansion of cultural exchanges between Iran and China is needed
The Head of the Film Program of the One Belt -one Road project said expansion of cultural exchanges especially in film industry section between Iran and China is essential and such cooperation should be included in both sides agenda.
 22:15 - 09/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
A king who love the Holy Quran and ordered its translation to Thai language
The 9th King of Thailand who is highly respected by his countrymen including Muslims, for the first time ordered Translation of the Holy Quran to Thai language.
 21:15 - 09/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Bangladeshi Minister of Culture will visit Iran to meet his Iranian Counterpart
Bangladeshi Minister of Culture is due to visit Iran and meet his Iranian counterpart Seyyed Abbas Salehi.
 19:01 - 09/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
In a meeting with the Deputy for International Affairs of Chinas National Library, was brought up;
Membership of Iran in Association of Silk Road National Libraries
Iranian Cultural Attaché to China visited Chinese Ntional Library and held talks with Deputy for International Affairs of Chinas National Library.
 22:55 - 08/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Interview with Vaticans Representatives,
The shared values of religions, is a basis for promotion of global peace
The representatives of Vatican say Islam is the religion of peace and opposes violence and considers dialogue as the best way for knowing followers of other religions and boosting human moralities at international level.
 00:07 - 8/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Algerian Lawyer
The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most comprehensive and progressive of its kind in the world
The Algerian prominent lawyer, Yosef Hori in his meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Algiers said the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most comprehensive and Progressive of its kind in the world and is based on Islamic jurisprudence and have safeguarded freedom and democracy.
 23:52 - 6/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Ugandan Minister of Sports and Tourism to visit Iran
Ugandan Minister of Sports and Tourism in an effort to promote sport and cultural relations with Islamic Republic of Iran is due to visit Tehran.
 11:32 - 6/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Signing Memorandum of Understanding between Kutaisi University of Georgia and Tehran Tarbiat Modares University
Thorough the initiative of Iranian Cultural Attaché to Tbilisi, chancellors of Georgian Kutaisi University and Tehran Tarbiat Modares University have signed a letter of understanding aimed at cooperating in various academic areas.
 23:32 - 3/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
In Georgia,
Conference on the role of religious teachings in confronting extremist and Takfiri Groups
An International conference is due to take place in Georgian capital Tbilisi to discuss the role of religious teachings in fight against extremist and Takfiri groups.
 22:30 - 03/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Documentary films introducing Iran are to be aired by Kazakh TV
In a meeting between the Editor in chief of Documentary Films Broadcasting Department of Kazakh TV and Iranian Cultural Attaché to Astana, agreement was reached to air Iranian documentaries by Kazakh TV to introduce Islamic Republic of Iran to Kazakh people
 21:47 - 03/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Chancellor of Abdul Kalam Open University of India:
Non- Muslim Indians are devoted to Imam Housein (AS)
Chancellor of Abdul Kalam Open University of India, Akhtar AlVasaa in a meeting with representative of Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution said non-Muslim Indians have great devotion to Imam Housein (AS).
 23:46 - 2/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
The 8th round of Islam- Christianity dialogue is to take place in Vienna next year
In a meeting between the Austrian Ambassador to Tehran and the accompanying Delegation with the Head of Interreligous Dialogue Center, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri, two sides agreed to hold the next round of talks between Muslim and Christian scholars in Austrian capital Vienna next year.
 14:02 - 2/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Seminar of Religious Moderation Dialogue held in Indonesia
By the initiative of Iranian Cultural Attaché to Indonesia and Iranian Room at the Sunan Kalijaga University, a seminar titled Religious Moderation for Creating Islamic Untidy was held at the said university.
 10:06 - 2/12/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Deputy Secretary of the Research Center of Indonesian Religious Scholars Organization:
The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is the most perfect model for the Islamic Ummah
Idris Masoudi, speaking at the "Centurial Generation and Fulfilling the Prophetic Mission" in creating unity among world Muslim Community and Islamic Countries said the Holy Prophet of Islam is the perfect and ideal model for the Islamic Ummah.
 23:10 - 30/11/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Review of Iranian, Egyptian and Indian shared culture in Bombay
In a gathering titled "Shred Cultures of Iran, India and Egypt" at Islamic Association University of Bombay, it was said that 60 percent of Urdu language vocabularies and literature are Persian.
 20:46 - 30/11/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Chinese Minister of Culture says we want to use Irans experience on restoration of our historical monuments
The Chinese Minister of Culture in his meeting with Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Ali Asghar Monesan in Beijing, while saying that Iran is an ancient and civilized country called Iranian experts to help China to restore its historical monuments.
 13:44 - 30/11/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
A night in Athens with Iranian short films
In a joint effort by Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens and a Greek cultural center, a night with Iranian short films was held in Greek capital.
 10:38 - 30/11/2019 - Comments : 0More >>

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