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Secretary General of Ghanaian Alliances Muslim Organizations

We consider Islamic Republic of Iran as Islamic power of the world

The Secretary General of Ghanaian Alliance of Muslim Organizations, Haj Abdolmanan Abdalrahman said we as the association of Islamic organizations of Ghana have been supporting Islamic Republic of Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Ghanaian Muslim Official visited the Iranian Cultural Mission and held talks with Iranian Cultural Attaché Alireza Faramarzi.

 During the meeting which was held to get familiar with each other and to have a friendly discussions, Iranian Cultural Attaché said Islamic Republic of Iran is not worried about the situation in the region and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution by relying on Iranian nation, is standing against the enemies as firm as a mountain.

Mannan Abdolmanan for his part by referring to the situation in the Middle East and Persian Gulf in particular declared solidarity of Ghanaian Islamic organizations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and express his hatred against the US for its policies aimed at extending its hegemony and influence in the region.

 He added that Iran has played the role of the beacon for many oppressed nations and this same leadership has annoyed the developed countries and regional political figures.

The Head of Ghanaian Alliance of Muslim organizations said we have been backing the Islamic Republic of Iran since its establishment adding that we considered Iran as the only in country in the Muslim world that always has stood for justice and has become a source of proud for Islam and Muslims.








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