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Iranian Art and Handicrafts Exhibition opened in New Delhi

On July 2, the Iranian Art and Handicrafts Exhibition opened in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Center with help of Iranian Cultural House in Indian Capital.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), on the occasion of 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and India, through the joint efforts of Iranian Cultural House and Indira Gandhi Cultural Center, the Iranian Art and Handicrafts Exhibition and the concert by and Persian music group, Simorq was inaugurated.

Iranian Ambassador to New Delhi, Ali Chegeni and Cultural Attaché Ali Dehgahi, his deputy Alireza Qazveh and a large number of Iranian and Indian high ranking political and cultural officials were present at the opening ceremony of Persian music and art and handicrafts exhibition.

Iranian Ambassador in his inauguration speech said Iran is one of the most ancient and surviving civilizations of the world adding that Iranian art is also among the richest world heritage and thousands of historical and ancient monuments are evidence of Iranian diverse cultural, religious and spiritual heritage.

He said cultural, political and economic relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and India are very dynamic and thousands of Persian manuscripts and poets such as Bidel Dehlavi and Amir Khosrow Delavi who are representative of Indian poetic style in Iranian literature, are all signs of close cultural ties between the two nations.

Iranian Cultural Attaché, Mr. Dehgahi referred to numerous Iranian cultural heritage sites registered by UNESCO as World Heritage and said arts and handicrafts such Music, poem, handicrafts, decorative art, Nowruz, storytelling and carpet weaving are among the world famous Iranian cultural heritage.

Head of the Indian Cultural Relations Council speaking at the same gathering said cultural ties and relations between Iran and India is very close and deep rooted adding that by mutual understanding and cordiality we can promote our cultural relations.

 The Head of the Indira Gandhi Cultural Center also spoke at the opening ceremony of this Iranian cultural event in New Delhi and talked about the activities of the center in areas such as preserving Persian manuscripts and preparing a list of hand written Persian works.

The Indian cultural official said there are numerous similarity between the Veda Culture and Zoroastrian and the two languages of Persian and Sanskrit have many common words       





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