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Ghorbanali Poumarjan:

Partiality of international Human Rights organizations has been the cause of US aggressive behavior

The new Acting Head of the Department of Promotion of International Cultural Relations said impartial attitude of International organizations claiming to be the defenders of human rights have encouraged the US government to be more belligerent and aggressive.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Ghorbanali Pourmarjan referring to the downing of Iranian passenger airliner by criminal Americans on July 3, 1988 said this act of aggression was another example act of terrorism by the "World Arrogance" against the great Iranian nation and a move in support of Iraqi regime in its aggression against Iran.

Speaking on the sad occasion of the crime committed by the US aggressive Navy which resulted in martyrdom of 290 passengers and crew members of the Iranian commercial Airbus said a week has been designated as the so called "US Human Rights" being held annually on this sad occasion and numerous other act of terrorism perpetuated by US government within one week against our country.

He said other crimes committed in line with the plots hatched by US government in a week time in July 1988 includes failed assassination attempt against Ayatollah Khamenei, bombing of the Headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party which resulted in martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 of his companions, attaching Iranian town of Sardashat by chemical weapons by Iraqi Baathist regime, martyrdom of Ayatollah Sadoghi, the representative of Imam Khomeini in a suicide attach in Iranian central city of Yazd.

The Acting Head of the Department of Promotion of International Cultural Cooperation said the objective behind naming the a week in early July as the US Human Rights Week is to underline and expose the crimes and atrocities carried out by the antihuman behaviors of the American government against Iran and all over the world.

The high ranking Iranian cultural official said the tragedy of American Human Rights has become an international jock and mockery and people of the world are now fully aware of the US psychological campaign and propaganda launched by the imperialistic media and know the true criminal nature of US government and policies of the White House.

He added that the criteria by the US government in its approach towards human right is not the real and sincere rights of people but the main objective in its claim for defending the human rights is in fact safeguarding the Zionist regime and its interests.

Ghorbanali Maranjan said Human Rights is a tool in the hands of US government and whenever it suits its interest, Washington tries hard to enforce it and when it contradicts US interest it disregard and ignore it flatly.

 He went on saying that during the past 40 years The United States by imposing sanctions against Iran has deprived the Iranian people from their legitimate rights and its ever increasing sanctions against Iranian nation are flagrant violation of the same Human Rights Charter ratified by the United Nations and whenever its rulings are in line with US interest and its allies, Washington becomes champion of human rights advocates.

The Acting Head of the Department of Promotion of International Cultural Relations of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said during this week by elaborating of the events taken place 31 years ago by aggressive American government against our country and people we should reveal the hallow claims of White House in defense of  human rights especially for our young generation adding that as the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution has stressed the world that closes its eyes on brazen crimes, can"t pretend to be defender of human rights and can"t trusted as to fight against growing terrorism in the world, because they are themselves advocates of terrorism.




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