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Head of Al- Hamra Art Council:

We are interested in Iranian art and culture

The Head of the Al-Hamra Art Council of Pakistani city of Lahore, Athar Ali Khan in meeting person in charge of Iranian Cultural House said we are interested in Iranian art and culture.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), person in charge of Iranian Cultural House to Lahore, Ali Akbar Rezaee Far and Athar Ali Khan during their talks exchanged views on cooperation between Al- Hamra Art Council and Iranian Cultural House.

 The Pakistani cultural official said as Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan, Al Hamra Art Council is the cultural heart of Lahore.

Athar Ali Khan said Iran is a country with rich art and culture and it"s a source of pride for us that Islamic Republic of Iran has established its Cultural House in Lahore.

He said with respect to interest of Pakistani people on Iranian art and culture, the Al-Hamra Art Council is willing to promote its cultural relations with Iran.

Iranian Cultural Representative to Lahore talked about the existing cooperation between Iranian Cultural House in Lahore and Al-Hamra Art Council and expressed his readiness to expand such cooperation even further, in order to contribute to boosting ties between the two brotherly nations of Iran and Pakistan.



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