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Planting Friendship tree in Quetta

Pakistani Motorcyclist tourists have planted friendship tree at Iranian Cultural House in Quetta.

 According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), a group of Pakistani Motorcyclist tourists from Cross Route Club who are on route from Lahore to Iran with the slogans of "My Friend Iran and Iran as Strong Bridge of Friendship With Pakistan" have planted a friendship tree at the Iranian Culture House in Quetta.

 The team leader of the Pakistani Motorcyclist Tourists group said the objective behind this travel is to promote relations between Pakistan and Iran, expansion of Tourism, conveying the message of peace and friendship and showing the beautiful and safe image of these two countries to people of the world.

 Another member of Motorcyclists team thanked hospitality extended by the Iranian Cultural House officials in Quetta to the group said our journey to Iran is a memorable event by a group of tourists from a brotherly neighbor to another brotherly country and hoped that their visit to Iran to contribute to boosting of friendly ties between Tehran-Islamabad.

Person in charge of Iranian Cultural House in Quetta, Koroosh Aghdaee speaking for the Pakistani tourists said you Motorcyclists are considered as sport ambassadors of Iran and Pakistan and by taking this journey, you reflect the friendship message between the two nation for world community and upon your return to Pakistan you will speak about security, culture and progress made by Iran to your own countrymen.   




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