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Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan was invited to Tehran Islamic Unity Conference

Iranian Cultural attaché in Kazakhstan has invited Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan, Seric Bi Haji Oraz to Tehran International Islamic Unity Conference due to take place on Nov.14-16.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ali Akbar Kebriaee in his meeting with the Deputy Chairmen of Kazakh Muslims Organization, discussed cultural and religious relations between Tehran and Bishkek.

Iranian Cultural Attaché by referring to shared culture and civilization between the two neighborly countries said Kazakhstan by holding Congress of Traditional Religions has shown that spirituality and constructive interactions between religions in today world is of great importance adding the interreligious dialogue could contribute to tranquility and progress of communities and play an important role in combating extremism.

Mr. Kebriaee went on saying that Islamic Republic of Iran by holding the annual Conference of Islamic Unity with emphasis on proximity of all Islamic denominations, has tried to forward this message that development and advancement of Islamic countries is only possible through unity among all Muslims.

He then extended the invitation by Ayatollah Araki, the Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic School of Thought to the Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan to attend the forthcoming Islamic Unity Conference on November 2019.

Iranian Cultural Representative to Bishkek said presence of Kazakhstan"s Grand Mufti at the said conference is of great importance because there are plenty of common grounds for cultural and religious cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan.

 The Kazakh official in charge of Muslims Affairs briefed Iranian Cultural Attaché about his department"s activities and responsibilities and said 70 percent of Kazakh people are Muslims and there are 3 thousands mosques throughout the country.

He also underlined the importance of Islamic Unity and its role in creating solidarity among Muslim nations including Iran and Kazakhstan.








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