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Commemoration of "Reporters Day" in Uganda

A commemoration ceremony was held at the Iranian Cultural Mission in Kampala to mark the Reporters" Day named after Martyrdom of Iranian Reporter Mahmoud Saremi.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), a group of Ugandan Reporters and journalists gathered at Iranian Cultural Mission in Kampala on the occasion of Reporters" Day which coincides with Martyrdom of Iranian Reporter Saremi who was murdered by Taliban in Afghan city of Mazari Sharif in 1998.

Iranian Cultural Attache to Kampala, Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla, speaking at the gathering said Reporters"" Day and Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Mahmoud Saremi, is an appropriate occasion to pay tribute to committed reporters.

He talked about the important role played by Reporters and other media workers in safeguarding national unity, cultural and scientific heritage, advocating constructive social activities, economic development, defending country"s territorial integrity, shaping public opinion, upholding national aspirations, belief and culture, countering cultural onslaught and advancing constructive values in society.

Qezelsufla also talked about the role played by Iranian reporters during the 8 years Iraqi Imposed war and said reporters played a major role in upholding nationalistic sentiments among the Iranian youth.

Those taking part at the gathering, thanked Iranian cultural representative to Uganda for his way of interaction with Ugandan media and praised Iranian government for commemorating Reporters" Day and paying tribute and respect to their martyred colleague.





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