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Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations sends felicitation message on the occasion Eid al Adha

Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman, the Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations sends felicitation message on the auspicious occasion of Eid al Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) to world Muslim community.

 According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the felicitation message reads as follows:

                                          In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

 Eid al Adha is a legacy and tradition left behind by Prophet Ibrahim Khalil Allah(S) in display of servitude, festivity of relief and emancipation from all sorts of unheavenly attachments. This is the Eid of submission to will of God and a guideline to believers to sacrifice their temptations.

 I congratulate this great and auspicious festivity to all Muslims and Shiites across the world, my Iranian compatriots as well as my colleagues and their respectable family both in Iran and overseas and pry to Almighty God to bless them all with health, happiness and joy.

I hope, at the eve of this great Eid, by adhering to teachings of divine messengers, we become witness to boosting of brotherly relations and friendly ties among all nations and Muslim community in particular and a world filled with durable justice, peace and security as well as annihilation of tyranny, uprooting of discrimination and eradication of violence and extremism.   





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