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Vice Chairman of Japanese Uni Film

Iranian films are very attractive for Japanese audience

On the occasion of 2nd Film Week of Iran in Japan, Vice Chairman of Japanese Uni Film, Yasushi Shina speaking at the opening ceremony of this cultural event at the gathering hall of one of District Municipality of Tokyo, said Iranian films are very attractive for Japanese cinema lovers.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the 2nd Film Week of Iran started on Aug. 5 in Tokyo on the occasion of 90th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan.

 Seven Iranian films with Japanese subtitles were screened at this cultural event were: "Bodyguard", "the Sweat taste of Dream", "Painting Pond", Crazy Castle", Too Far Too Near", Tangeh Abu gharib" and the documentary "Last Supper"

The event has been organized through the joint efforts of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Iranian Embassy in Tokyo and Minato Municipality of Japanese Capital Tokyo.

The Iranian Film Week was also coincided with the Week of Peace and Friendship being marked on the anniversary of nuclear attacks against two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the closing days of Second World War.

Iranian Cultural Attached to Tokyo, Housein Divsalar speaking at the opening ceremony of Iranian Film Week thanked Japanese Uni Film and the Minato Municipality officials for their efforts in holding this cultural event and said films play an import role in mutual understanding and interactions.

 He added that the history of relations between Iran and Japan dates back to 1300 years ago and spoke of ceremonies held both in Tokyo and Tehran marking 90th anniversary of diplomatic relation between the two countries.

He said undoubtedly holing this kind of cultural events will contribute to promotion of ties between the two nations.

Vice Chairman of Uni Film, while thanking Iranian Cultural Attaché talked about his familiarity with Iranian Cinema and said I have been in touch with Iranian Cinema and have brought back several Iranian film with me to japan for screening which were warmly welcomed by Japanese cinema enthusiasts adding that social and cultural elements of Iranian movies are quite interesting for Japanese people.

Head of the Citizens Center of Akasaka, Ms. Maeda Nuboko, speaking on behalf of Minato Municipality, talked about her pleasure for being present at the gathering and called the Iranian Film Week an important cultural event.

She said not everybody have the opportunity to travel to other countries to get acquainted with culture and traditions of other nation and that"s why event like this provide a valuable opportunity to become informed about people of other countries.

Ms. Nuboko said I have become familiar with Iran through country"s handicrafts, tile works and literature and I am very interested in Iranian film and believe that seeing Iranian films will help the two nations to promote their interactions and contacts.

On the sideline of this program, an exhibition of Iranian handicrafts and books written about Iran were arranged for those who had come to see Iranian films and a video clip was also screened at this exhibition which introduced Iran and its culture and civilization as well as tourist attractions.







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