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Ebrahimi Turkaman speaking at the first round of Cultural Dialogue between Iran and Russia:

Dialogue should be interactive / boosting of cultural dialogue to reach common understanding

The Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, speaking at the first round of cultural dialogue between Iran and Russia called for promotion of such dialogue to reach common understanding and said dialogue should be interactive.

According to Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman said dialogue can bring people closer to each other adding that through dialogue, hatred will be turned to love and compassion and in fact we can move from the domain of anger to realm of kindness.

He said cultural talks are heartfelt dialogue among nations adding that through cultural dialogue we can create an opportunity for people of two countries to become more acquainted with each other and consequently expand their relations in other areas.

Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said cultural ties between Iran and Russia has long history but today our cultural relations have grown considerably and is interactive, adding that cultural dialogue between scholars paves the way for exchange of art and culture among nations.

Ebrahimi Turkaman said our main objective is to turn cultural dialogue into a sustainable process so that through durable cultural talks we reach at common understanding with other nations.

He said the nature and essence of cultural dialogue differ from scientific talks and it could be said that it is a dialogue between hearts and language of cultural is epistemological and we should work to bring hearts closer to each other.

Mr. Ebrahimi who is also a member of Iran"s High Council of Cultural Revolution said each nations has its own cultural asset to present and we should make use of cultural superiorities of other nations adding that cultural dialogues help us to forge closer ties and solve lots of problems.

He stressed that the manner of dialogue should be interactive and not one sided which means we give and take and should not try to impose or influence others. Sometimes we are influenced by good manner and understanding of others and another time, the other side becomes interested in our conducts.

He concluded his speech by saying that he hopes that this gathering to contribute to reaching a more understanding and help promotion of bilateral and multi-lateral ties between Iran and Russia.




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