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Peace gathering in the Philippines

A gathering for peace has been held in the Philippines attended by representatives of many countries including active initiatives of the Iranian Cultural Mission to Manila.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), on the occasion of International Peace Day sponsored by the United Nations and the initiative of De la Sale Christian University, a gathering titled "Peace" was held in the Filipino city of Das Marinas attended by a group of religious and cultural figures.

The Vice Chancellor of the De la Sale University speaking at the gathering said we hope peace to prevail throughout the world and southern Philippines.

 The vice chancellor of the said university for religious Affairs, the second speaker at the gathering, said today we are hosting the representative of Islamic Republic of Iran which is a source of Pride for us.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Manila, Jaafari Malek for his part spoke about the peace from Islam"s Perspective and said peace has been one of the most basic needs of human being throughout the history, a concept which has drawn the attention of large number of philosophers and thinkers.

He added that peace is a familiar word for every civilization and religion and despite difference among people in many areas, there is no quarrel and opposition over word "Peace".

 Jaafari Malek said that human being has always tried to establishment peace and bringing peace to human community has been one of the missions of divine religions adding  and prophets have always work for establishing peace and friendship among their followers.

 Iranian Cultural Attaché said Islam has invited its followers to tranquility and peaceful life and refraining of any actions which disrupts peace and tranquility in society.

He said Shiites believe that Jesus Christ along with Imam of the Age Hazrat Mahdi,  will reappear to establish peace and Justice across the world.  

Another speaker, Ms. Salang Kupang talked about conflict at southern Philippines which has resulted in homelessness of Muslim Families and children and lots of destruction and hoped that peace to be prevailed in the region through promotion of spirituality, rationality and religion.





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