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Iranian Stand at the Baku Book Fair was welcomed by officials of Republic of Azerbaijan

The officials of Republic of Azerbaijan while visiting 6th International Baku Book Fair currently underway at the country"s capital, thanked Iranian Cultural Attaché for his efforts in promoting publication and literary sectors in their country.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), during the opening ceremony of the book fair, Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Ahkmedov, Minister of Culture, Abulfaz Garayev, Presidential Cultural Advisor, Lady Farah and a number of other high ranking officials of Republic of Azerbaijan visited Iranian stand and thanked Iranian Cultural Attaché for his efforts aimed and boosting publication and literary works in their country.

There are deep and considerable cultural and historical ties between people of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan including great poets such as Nezami and Khaghani as well great interest by people of this country and especially young generation, in Persian literature and language.

Iranian Cultural Mission in Baku has been very active in introducing Persian literature to people of Republic of Azerbaijan by translating Iranian literary works to Azeri language.

The Culture Minister of Republic of Azerbaijan, Abulfaz Garayev, talking to Iranian Cultural Attaché hoped that Tehran-Baku realigns to grow further including cultural ties and said translation of works by prominent poets and writers of two countries can contribute to expansion of bilateral cultural relation between the two nations.   





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