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Closing Ceremony of the 5th Round of Arbaeen International Award

First Vice President appreciates cultural activities of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

Iranian First Vice President Mr. Eshaq Jahangiri speaking at the closing ceremony of the 5th Round of the Arbaeen International Award, thanked the cultural activities of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and especially the Arbaeen International Award aimed at safeguarding Ashura Uprising culture in the world.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO), Mr. Jahangiri talking about the Great Arbaeen March, said the intellectual and elite community of our country are obliged to explain the reasons behind this march and present a picture of its correctness to people of the world.

 He added that Arbaeen has many messages and in order these messages to survive, they need everlasting works in areas of art, pen and media.

Jahangiri said Aarbaeen is a part of our Shiite and Islamic identity, an old tradition aimed at safeguarding Ashura culture which is the invigorator of human values and aspiration source of all freedom and justice seeking movements.

 The First Vice President underlined the importance of the role of Ashura in Shiite culture and said Ashura Uprising is reminder of freedom, justice seeking and resistance against oppression and that"s why the leading Shiite clerics have always called for keeping the ritual of Arbaeen March alive even at the time of hardship, adding that Aarbaeen because of its messages and being as a source of aspiration for people of the world, has become such a prominent event.

 He said, we should know what has been the reason behind Arbaeen that people from various nationalities, ethnicity and social classes and all walks of life come together and demonstrate their tender talking and behavior, sacrifice, freedom and resistance. What we see in that march is that the most traditionalist people and modernist ones walk next to each other during this march and procession. 



We defeated the American policy of maximum pressure

The First Vice President said we have almost defeated the American project of putting maximum Pressure on our country by blessing of God and the help of our great nation and the powerful leadership of the Supreme Leader and the Americans know that their maximum pressure on Iran is not paying off.

He said Iran is facing a critical and grave situation and cruel sanctions have imposed on our country

and people adding that the region has become a powder keg and any moment it might explode and that"s why we should be very cautious and vigilant.

Jahangiri said Islamic Republic of Iran will come out victoriously from the situation the United States and anti- Iranian countries in a joint plot have created and for this to happen we should remain nationally united and firm in a serious manner.

He said Arbaeen event is an exceptional international incident because millions of people of a country during a short period of time travel to another country. They might say during a year several millions of Iranian people travel abroad but we should take note that during a short span of time some 10 to 20 million people cross the country"s border and enter another country, this means that government has pave the way for such huge march and has been providing the required facilities for the pilgrims especially during the years that Iraq was not so secure.

The Vice President said during the years when Daesh was present in Iraq, those who travelled to Iraq were concerned about their safety but knew that Iranian government has taken the necessary measures and remains alongside them.

 He said the Iraqi government and people are doing a great job during Arbaeen March adding that the Iraqi people have been conducting this march for many years but these days the people of Iraq are playing host to millions of pilgrims from every corner of the world, from East Asia to Europe and Even the United States.

Mr. Jahangiri said taking the pressures on Iraqi government into account, playing host to millions of people during a very short period of time is a great and extraordinary job that"s why the whole Islamic system of Iran including the Supreme Leader and government should thank the government and people of Iraq for the hospitality they extend to the pilgrims.

 He added that there are unhealthy pens that depict a distorted picture from this movement adding that responsible individuals are duty bond to present a correct and precise picture of this spiritual movement that reflects the greatness of Islam and Shiite as well as peace loving and justice seeking, sacrifice, resistance and freedom loving of the Muslim community.

 Vice president thanked the Islamic Culture and Relation organization for holding 5th Round of Arbaeen International Award by making use of photographers, cameramen and writers saying that in the future occasions other branches of art could also be employed to further glorify the Arbaeen March.

The Closing Ceremony of the 5th Round of Arbaeen Award was held on Tuesday Oct. 1 at the Al- Zahra (SA) Hoseiniyeh of the Headquarters of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization with First Vice President Mr. Eshaq Jahangiri, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mr. Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman, Chief Advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution for Affairs of the Islamic World, Ayatollah Taskhiri, Head of the Saadi Foundation, Mr. Gholamali Haddad Adel and a number of officials from various organizations and ambassadors of participating countries, Foreign seminary schools students studying at ICRO, in attendance.

The completion is initiated and sponsored by Islamic Culture and Relations Organization with international approach and participation of numerous institutions concerned with Arbaeen event.









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