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Deputy Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

Afghanistan is a prominent name when it comes to expansion of cultural relations

At the opening ceremony of an exhibition titled: "Reflection of Herat Calligraphy in Tehran" and a specialized meeting about afghan calligraphy, Deputy Chairman of Islamic Cultural and Relation Organization for Scientific and cultural Affairs, Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Hashemi said Iranian government attaches special importance for cultural relations between Tehran and Kabul.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mr. Hashemi speaking at the opening ceremony of an exhibition titled:"Reflection of Herat Calligraphy in Tehran" and a specialized meeting about afghan calligraphy said we are very to play host to prominent Afghan calligraphers and having the chance to showcase their gorgeous works in a specialized exhibition in Tehran.

The high ranking Iranian cultural official said Iran is a peace loving country and inspires for global tranquility and believes that cultural ties and activities bring people of the world closer to each other.

  He added that Islamic Culture and Relations Organization is ready and willing to hold cultural weeks in areas such as visual arts and calligraphy in every single country in the world.

Hashemi said afghan calligraphers and other art workers can start introduction of their works in Iran by putting their works on display in this kind of exhibition in Iran.

He added that the Afghan city of Heart is a well known center for poetry, literature, mysticism and it deserves more attention because of its rich culture and Islamic monuments.

Hashemi went on saying that Iran and Afghanistan share many commonalities such as language, identity and religion and we can say that Iran and Afghanistan are unique in shared culture among world countries.

Gholam Hossein Amirkhani, the renowned Persian calligrapher who is the permanent member of Iranian Academy of Art, speaking at the same gathering said Iranian and Afghan people and compatriots and no power in the world can prevent us from having cultural ties and relations.

,the head of the Iranian Academy of Art  talking about the share cultural heritage between Iran and Afghanistan said such close and extensive commonalities is rare in the world and that why we should respect our common culture and work for its promotion.

The exhibition titled: "Reflection of Herat Calligraphy in Tehran" was inaugurated on Oct. 6 at the Iranian Academy of Art in attendance of a number of Iranian high ranking cultural officials as we as the head of the Afghan Calligraphers Society Nik Mohammad Mostmand Qori, Afghan Ambassador and embassy staff, Afghan school and university students and their family members and a number of Afghan calligraphers received their award for their fine art works.







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