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3rd round of interreligious dialogue of Greek Orthodox Church is due to be held in Tehran

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Athens, Ali Mohammad Helmi, in a meeting with Director General of Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs said the 3rd round of Interreligious Dialogue between scholars of Greek Orthodox Church with Iranian Muslim scholars will take place in Tehran.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (IRCO), Helmi visited Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and met with George Clanigis the Director General of the ministry and discussed ways of boosting bilateral cooperation.

Extremism and bullying of warmongers are increasing

Iranian Cultural Attaché by referring to good relations between Iranian Cultural Mission to Athens with Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs as well as Tehran- Athens friendly ties said by holding interreligious talks between the two countries they can boost their bilateral cooperation adding that presently unilateralism and bullying by the hegemonistic powers in one hand and violence and extremism on the other, is getting intensified and in order to resist such phenomenon, dialogue among followers of Divine religions can contribute to promotion of heavenly and humane values and peaceful coexistence and global tranquility.

He added that Iran and Greece as two ancient countries with rich cultures and civilizations can play a major role in materializing such aspirations.

Mr. Helmi said the two previous rounds of interreligious dialogue between Iranian religious scholars and Greek orthodox clerics have been very successful and the third round of such dialogue is going to take place in Tehran.

   Iranian cultural Attaché said in order to prepare formalities for holding the talks, concerned scholars of two countries should meet and discuss details of the gathering and set the date for the conference.

The Greek academics for his part expressed his joy for cooperating with Iranian Cultural Mission and said in response to religious fanaticism and extremism in some countries, we are especially interested to expand our relations with Islamic Republic of Iran which promotes moderate Islam.

He said Iran as the center of Shiism is a leading country in respecting rights of followers of other religions and believes in peaceful life for human being in general and due to such characteristics we are interested to boost interreligious dialogue with Iran.

The Greek official said because of recent elections in his country and a new government taking office lust recently, we need some more time to coordinate and make required arrangements for the third round of Interreligious Dalogue.





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