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Third Round of Interreligious Dialogue between Islam and Orthodox Christianity will be held in Tehran


 Iranian Cultural Attaché to Greece, in meeting with Dean of Students of the Athens Theological Faculty said the 3rd round interreligious dialogue between Muslim and Orthodox Christianity scholars and thinker, will be held in Tehran in 2020.

According to Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Head of the Philosophy and Islamic Sciences Research Center, Mr. Alipoor, the faculty member of the Humanities and Islamic Sciences Research Center of the Qom Seminary School, Mr. Sanaee along with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Athens Mr. Ali Mohammad Helmi met and held talks with the Dean of Students of the Athens Theological Faculty.

The Iranian Cultural Attaché, speaking at the said meeting said some 1400 books on various topics interested by scholars and general public have been published by the Qom Seminary School and affiliated institutions in Persian, Arabic and English languages.

The Iranian delegation also talked about the eternality of Soul Conference due to be held in the Iranian holy city of Qom on March 4-5 and presented the brochure of the papers to be sent to the Secretariat of the conference.

The Greece academics who is a thinker and author of 30 books on theology of Orthodox Christianity for his part said after my two years ago visit to Islamic Republic of Iran along with a delegation to attend the Interreligious Conference I became very much interested in scientific and cultural cooperation with your country.

He went on saying that I enjoyed a lot visiting such a beautiful country and talking to Iranian scholars adding that Iran by being pioneer in holding interreligious dialogue with other nations have taken a great step in creating an atmosphere of friendship and interaction.

He praised Iranian authorities for organizing such international scientific and international gatherings and said I am personally quite interested in this kind of conferences and getting acquainted with views and analysis of Muslim and Christian scholars and interact and exchange views with researchers of other nations and Iranian thinkers in particular and find such dialogues very useful and constructive.

Then the Greek theologian presented his latest book titled "Religion and Ethics" to Iranian delegation and said unfortunately today humane and moral values are being disregarded and by supremacy of capitalism in the world and disregard religion the problems faced by mankind is increasing constantly.

He said this the first time that a book with such a topic and new look at religion and ethics is being published in Europe.

 Iranian Cultural Attaché thanked the Greece theologian for sparing his time and receiving Iranian delegation and said meetings of this kind and cooperation between Iran and Greece will contribute to promotion of culture religiosity, peace and coexistence among believes and closeness of the two Iranian and Greece nations.  






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