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Fourth round of interreligious dialogue between Iran and Georgia will be held

Fourth round of interreligious dialogue between Iranian and Georgian Muslim and Orthodox Christians scholars will be held in the near future.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the representative of the Supreme Leader in Caucasus, Hojatoleslam Ojaghnezhad, along with Iranian Ambassador, Seyyed Javad Ghavam Shahidi and Iranian Cultural Attaché to Georgia met the adviser to Georgian Prime Minister and the Head of the State Religious Affairs Agency and discussed ways of promoting religious dialogue between the two countries.

The Georgian official briefed the Iranian delegation about the activities of State Religious Affairs Agency, issue related to mosques and described relations between Shiites and Sunnis very good and positive.  

He also talked about peaceful coexistence between Muslims and followers of other religions adding that the Georgian government allocates special budget for helping the Muslim community of the country and also extends moral support to this and other religious communities.

The Georgian official in charge of religious Affairs said the Georgian government pays special attention to religious affairs and human rights and make maximum possible use of their potentials for creating national unity and solidarity among adherents of various religions and have close relations with regional countries including Islamic Republic of Iran.


Need for interreligious dialogue

The Iranian clergy, Hojatoleslam Ojaghnezhad talked about the central role of religion in social interactions and underlined the importance of interreligious dialogue based on reason and rationality and free from religious fanaticism and zealot between Iranian and Georgian people.

The representative of the Supreme Leader in Caucasus region said Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the interreligious dialogue to bring followers of Divine Religions closer to each other and contribute to peace and tranquility in the world.

He said talks among various branches of Islam will help to forge better understanding and strengthening of ties among world Muslim community.

Hojatoleslam Ojaghnezhad by referring to potentials of religious centers and diversity of religions in Georgia and Iran called for joint planning for holding regular dialogue between Islam and Orthodox Christianity, conducting joint research works, education courses and exchange of religious delegations between the two countries.

Role of religious leaders in promoting global peace and tranquility

Iranian Ambassador to Tbilisi, seyyed Javad Ghavam Shahidi talking about the developments taken place in the world during the past decades said religion as an important and influential variable has entered into social arena and relations among nations.

He said we should use potentials of our religious centers and leaders to expand and strengthen our relations adding that the fourth round of the dialogue between Muslim and Orthodox Christians is aimed at enhancing relations and ties among various religions in order to solve common problems faced these days by people of the world. He went on saying that the said gathering will take place in Iran in the near future.





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