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Third round of cultural dialogue between Iran and India is planned

Iranian Cultural Attaché to New Delhi in his meeting with Dean of Students of International Relations Faculty of Delhi University said the third round of the cultural dialogue between Islamic Republic of Iran and India will be held at Delhi University.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mohammad Ali Rabbani expressed his satisfaction about the previous cooperation of Indian state institutions for their cultural activities and said potentials of two countries" universities is an appropriate context for bilateral cultural cooperation and called for further cooperation by Delhi University for expansion of cultural and scientific ties between Tehran and New Delhi.

 Mr. Rabbani while elaborating on the objectives and policies behind cultural dialogues said such dialogues are an appropriate mechanism for contacts between elites and cultural officials. Talking about two previous rounds of cultural dialogues between Iran and India he said Delhi University due to its prestigious position can host the third round of such cultural event.

He said presence of high ranking officials of Iranian top 10 universities at the forthcoming gathering of cultural dialogue will be a good opportunity for new era of cultural and scientific cooperation between Iranian and Indian academic centers.

The Head of International Relations Faculty of Delhi University, H. P Singh tanked Iranian Cultural Attaché for his efforts aimed at promoting cultural ties between the two Iranian and Indian nations and said growth of scientific and technological achievements by Islamic Republic of Iran has created a suitable opportunity and capacity for academic and scientific cooperation between the two countries adding that Delhi University is one of the largest universities in Asia and India.

He said a number of Iranian students are doing their post graduate studies at the Delhi University and called their presence at the said university as a window of opportunity for promotion of academic and scientific cooperation between the two countries.

The head of the International Relations Faculty of Delhi University expressed the willingness of officials of Delhi University to take part in every kind of bilateral cultural activities and hoped that through cooperation of the Indian Cultural Council the third round of cultural dialogue to take place at this university.

 Iranian Cultural Attaché in New Delhi, then visited the Persian Language and literature Department of the Delhi University and held talks with faculty members and professors of this department as well as a number of PhD students.

Mohammad Ali Rabbani was briefed about the programs and activities of Persian Language and literature Department by his hosts and thanked professors and lecturers of Persian language and lecturers and said learning the Persian language is not just mastering a foreign language but in fact is a gateway to a new culture, civilization and genuine ethical and humane values.

He encouraged students of Persian language and literature to concentrate on developments in contemporary Iran and modern Iranian literature and further cooperation with Iranian Cultural Mission in New Delhi.

 He concluded his visit to Delhi University by touring various department of the said faculty and it was decided that each month a meeting to be held between Iranian Cultural Mission officials and members of the Persian language and iterature Department of the said university.








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