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Iran was praised for its scientific, educational and cultural services in Uganda

On the occasion of start of new education year and bidding farewell to the previous management and introducing the new coming managerial team of the Islamic Society of International Al- Mustafa University in Kampala, a ceremony was held at the said university attend by a number of religious and cultural dignitaries.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations organization (ICRO), Mr. Loki Ko, the Chairman of the Islamic Society of Ugandan universities who also represents the Ugandan youth, speaking at the gathering thanked Islamic Republic of Iran for its humanitarian activities in Uganda and said Iran has taken up an honest policy in dealing with other nations and by having rich art and culture and ancient civilization is not comparable with any other country and enjoys widespread popularity among other nations.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to Kampala, Mohammad Reza Qezelsufla speaking at the same occasion said science and knowledge are two means to promote the dignity and personality of mankind and in themselves are not the ultimate objective.

He said the period of university education is a time for getting familiar with Islamic and humane values, enhancing world vision, improving maturity and getting ready to serve the country and finally to find solutions for social problems and shortcomings.

 Mr. Qezelsufla, who himself is a lecturer at the International Al-Mustafa University said the pure and genuine Islam has practical solutions for crisis of today world adding that university students should be active at various arena of society and warn the people against ignorance and machinations of enemies who are responsible for backwardness of Muslims.     









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