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Asian Radios Festival in Bangladesh

The 2019 Asian Radios Conference was held at Dhaka"s Sheraton Hotel attended by Bangladeshi Information Minister and more than 200 media officials from 22 countries.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), from Iran, Deputy Chairman of Iranian State Radio Networks, Hamid ShahAbadi and Iranian Cultural Attaché to Dhaka took part at the opening ceremony and deliberations of the conference.

Speaking at the Inauguration ceremony of the Asian 2019 Radios Conference, Bangladeshi Minister of Information, Hassan Mahmoud said the Digital Bangladesh is not a dream anymore but has become a reality adding that I am confident that radio can play an important role in upholding social, humane and family values and that the incumbent Bangladeshi government is try to turn the country to a digital country and a nation free from poverty.

The Deputy Chairman of Iranian State Radio Networks (IRIB), Hamid Shahabadi also speaking at the said conference while talking about special characteristics of Radio said, this media during its life time, despite many ups and down has been able to preserve its position among world media.

The Iranian representative to the conference said radio has 5 unique characteristics that have always been under constant development.

Shahabadi said "sharing" has been the most prominent feature of the radio since its beginning meaning that radio has been a part of life of it audiences all through its long history, from the early years of being a simple device up to the present Internet age.

He also talked about the International Tehran Radio Conference due to be held in Apr. 2020 and invited managers and activists of this media to attend the forthcoming gathering in Tehran

Shahabadi said radio is not a costly media and is very dynamic and free from complicated formalities as well as being very swift and very responsive to international events and developments.

 Iranian high Ranking Media official talking about unique potentials of radio, referred to widespread flooding in western and southern parts of Iran last March and said devastating floods caused heavy damage to infrastructure in flood stricken areas including communication systems such as Internet.

He added that radio could immediately played an important role in all flooded parts of the country and via this media news about affected areas became known to central and local governments and aid workers along with relief aides were dispatched to the water logged regions.

 Shahabadi referred to storytelling by radio as one of other unique characteristics of this media and said storytelling has been termed as one of the most ancient arts of human being adding that radio not only has not diminished the scope of this art, but in fact promoted storytelling.

212 media workerless and high ranking officials from 22 countries including Islamic Republic of Iran, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Romania, Vietnam, Turkestan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Nepal attend the  Asian Radios Festival in Bangladesh that was came to close on Thursday.


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