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11th round of Iran- Vatican religious dialogue,

Chairman of Papal Interreligious Dialogue Council: Upholding human Dignity is a shared mission of Islam and Christianity

 The Chairman of Papal Interreligious Dialogue Council, Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 11th round of Iran- Vatican religious dialogue in Tehran on Monday Nov. 11 strengthening the dignity of the mankind is one of the shred goals of Islam and Christianity.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the high ranking Vatican official said we have long history of cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran and today I feel I have returned to arms of my friends to once again start our interreligious dialogue.

He said Iran and Vatican are talking together for more than two decades in order to have better knowledge and understanding from each other and we are thankful to almighty God that once again have come together and have a chance to work for amelioration of the wounds of the world.

Cardinal Ayuso Guixot added that in our discussions on 2008 we exchanged view about our understanding of reason and belief and came to the conclusion that we should acknowledge our difference and move towards shared and common ideas. In 2016 we talked about violence and extremism from religious perspective.

He went on saying that now in 2019 we have gathered here to review our service to our communities and the world adding that this kind of talks are reflection of religious diversity which implies that we preserve our own identity and at the same time interact with others.

 Cardinal Ayuso Guixot said this conference will pave the way for us to get familiar with each other"s views and ideas and become aware of differences, adding that differences are an indication that we are brothers.

Referring to a pact signed by Pop Francis and Sheikh of Al-Azhar in Abu Dhabi, Cardinal Guixot said the document was signed to underline equality of human being aimed at reaching global peace. He called world community to brotherhood.

 The high ranking Vatican clergy said these days little attention is being paid to God and there those that misuse the almighty God adding that believers and pious people have a common undertaking to contribute to peace, justice, human dignity and safeguarding of environment.

 He said we as Christian and Muslim should serve and help our communities and as Pope has said try to know ourselves and now we say if we know others we can help our societies.

Monsieur Khaled Akashe, the head of Islam Department of the Papal Interreligious Dialogue Council speaking at the same gathering by talking to each other we reach at friendship, kindness and fraternity adding that human being needs to leave next to each other and talk to each other with due respect and cordiality.



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