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11th round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and Vatican came to an end by releasing the final statement

The 11th round of interreligious dialogue between Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Papal Interreligious Dialogue Center Came to conclusion on Tuesday afternoon November 12 by issuing the final communique.

According to Public relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the 2-day talks headed by the Chairman of ICRO, Mr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman and Cardinal Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot took place at the Headquarters of ICRO in down town Tehran on November 11-12, attended by high ranking Shiite Muslim Scholars and Prominent Catholic Christian clergies.

 From Iranian side, Ayatollah Taskjiri, Ayatollah Reza Ramezani, Ayatollah Abulghasem ALidost, Ayatollah Ahmad Behshti, Mahmoud Hekmat Nia, Hojajoleslam Mohammad Mahdi Eimanipore, Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri and high ranking officials of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization took part in discussions with their Catholic Christian counterparts from Vatican.

The main topic of the discussion was "Christian and Muslims Serving Community Together" and 4 other subtitles[D1]  namely, individual rights and responsibilities, family and education of the youth, serving the Community Islam and Christianity perspectives and serving the International community from Perspective of Islam and Christianity.

 The final statement of the conference agreed by the participants, reads as follows:



1-    Helping others, especially poor and ill people is of great importance for Muslims and Christians. Meanwhile helping others is a part of universal love of God towards all mankind, because he is creator of everybody and all things and gives his blessing to all creatures with same kindness.

2-    Helping the needy people requires indiscriminative treatment of all such people across the world. We should treat all people in all communities and all nations with humane conscience including during war and when they are subject to international sanctions.

3-    Muslims and Christians and all other benevolent people who are not affiliated to any particular religion are asked that at all times and places to promote the rights of mankind. Freedom of conscience and religion have been the corner stone and structure of the human rights and therefore must continue and to be upheld.

4-    Responsibilities are not separable from rights, therefore each individual and group while defending their own rights must also try to do his duty towards families and communities.

5-    Upbringing the youth as pious, virtuous and responsible citizens is of great importance for both governments and religions. The main responsibility in this respect lies with families. Therefore, families are entitled to be assisted by the whole community.

6-    Providing special and urgent services to human being at this particular junction, when climate change and environment crisis are paramount, such efforts require cooperation of all believers and people of good intentions.

Participates of the conference decided to hold the next round of the interreligious dialogue between Islam and Catholic Church of Vatican in 2021 in Rome.

Details of the next gathering will be decided in a meeting of the concerned officials in 2020 in Italian capital.







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