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Member of the Assembly of Indonesian Religious Scholars:

Irans strength originates from following the teachings of Holy Quran

 A member of the Assembly of Indonesian Religious Scholars (Ulama) speaking at a gathering held by the initiative of Iranian Cultural Mission to Indonesia said Islamic Republic of Iran is a country that has implemented teachings of the Holy Quran is running the country"s affairs and due to this same reason has been able to resist and make progress during the Past 40 years.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), a seminar was held at the Mulana Hassanuddin University in the town of Pantan under the motto of the Religious Moderation: Modeling the holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in creating peace and unity among the Islamic Ummah, attended by cultural officials, academics and university students.

The Chancellor of the said university speaking at the gathering said holding this seminar is an important event adding that the world of Islamic is faced with numerous problems that one of the main reason behind them is extremism. He said unfortunately enemies of Islam take advantage of the wrong interpretation from Islam.

The Chancellor of Molana Hassanuddin University said today, indolence of Iran is a clear example of Islamic independence and the country by relying on its capabilities and religious beliefs as well as its own assets is resisting against the United States


The holy Prophet of Islam is the harbinger of Mercifulness


Iranian Cultural Attaché to Indonesia, Mehrdad Derakhshandeh said celebrating birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam during a week called Unity Week is one of the legacies of the late Imam Khomeini and we as Muslims are proud of our Prophet who is the messenger of Mercifulness and has not been attached to any particular race tribe but belongs to mankind in general and is harbinger of peace and friendship.

 He said our Prophet is the best example in the human history for peaceful coexistence and interaction with the opposition group in the society.

 Several Indonesian religious figures also talked about Islam as religion of moderation, peaceful coexistence and brotherhood.










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